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Non-destructive testing goes beyond pipelines.

Although non-destructive testing (NDT) is most frequently performed for the oil and energy industries, non-destructive testing also has applications in other industries and settings. Non-destructive testing has significant value for any industry where mechanical failure would incur major costs or put lives in danger.
1. Bridges

Millions of people drive over bridges every day. You probably don't give it a second thought when you're commuting to work or traveling for the holidays. Inevitably, factors such as wear, exposure to the elements, and age of a bridge will cause deterioration. Without proper maintenance, a bridge's structure can weaken, and the consequences can be catastrophic. Non-destructive testing on bridges ensures that flaws are detected before they become a major problem.
2. Railroads

Railroads have been carrying resources and passengers for nearly 200 years. Many industries rely on railroads for the regular transportation of bulk materials. Even a brief suspension in service could incur major losses in revenue for industries. Inspection through non-destructive testing ensures that railroads remain operational. Regular inspections also ensure that flaws are caught well before they could pose a danger. Tragically, improper or lax maintenance on railroads has lead to derailment. This is a reminder that proper, routine inspection is essential in the railroad industry.
3. Storage Tanks

As the name indicates, storage tanks are designed to safely store materials. Some storage tanks are stationary, while others are affixed to trucks for transport. Storage tanks can hold water, petroleum, chemicals, natural gas, nuclear waste, and much more. Like all structures, storage tanks can corrode or crack over time. An unchecked flaw can lead to leakage which can incur major losses. Leakage can also be highly dangerous if the materials enclosed in a tank are hazardous. Non-destructive testing on storage tanks prevents this from happening.
4. Aerospace

Our skies are filled with air traffic. We depend on airplanes for the safe delivery of products and passengers. Industries count on airplanes for the shipping of materials, and spacecraft are an integral part of scientific research. Aircraft take a lot of stress from frequent landings and harsh environmental conditions. Spacecraft must withstand rocket launches and the UV radiation of the sun. At a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet in the sky, airplanes cannot afford to have major failures. That is why prevention through regular non-destructive testing on air and spacecraft is vital.
5. Ships

Aside from railroads and airplanes, ships are a major mode of transportation for goods and passengers. The rough waters of the ocean cause corrosion and wear on ships, so regular maintenance and testing is crucial. Non-destructive testing in the safety of a harbor prevents a major problem from occurring while in the middle of the ocean. When assistance is thousands of miles away, a major failure in the structure of a ship could be catastrophic.
6. Pressure Tanks

Pressure vessels store gases and liquids at a pressure different from our atmosphere. This pressure difference means any flaw or crack in a vessel can cause sudden pressure shifts that can cause an explosion. To avoid this, tanks are inspected using radiography and ultrasonic testing.
7. Vehicles

There are hundreds of components in a motor vehicle that keep it functionally properly. As you cruise down the highway, you are probably not thinking about all the intricate processes that must remain functional in order to keep you safe. The automotive industry relies on regular non-destructive testing to ensure that a car's parts meet safety standards. However, once the keys are passed to you, it is important that you get regular maintenance checks on your vehicle, because no vehicle can withstand corrosion and wear and tear.

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