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1. Bingo Bowl Keep the scoring fun! Print out Bingo cards that have boxes filled with different possible bowling outcomes (e.g. strike, gutter, spare, etc) as well as numbers from 1 - 10. As each player bowls, all can mark off their bingo cards with the results. Don't forget to prepare prizes to reward bowlers who score a bingo. Bowling Club in Singapore
2. Wacky Bowling Have a good laugh while bowling! Get each player to draw lots before their turn to determine the bowling stance. Some silly bowling ways include:
Bowling backward (Turn your back from the pins and roll the ball under your legs)

Slow motion bowl

Dancing bowl (dance as you bowl)

Granny bowl (bowl with a hunched back like a grandma)

Tiptoe bowl (walk on tiptoes to bowl)

Sit down bowl (sit down and push the ball down the lane)

Etc, etc, etc... (the list can go on and on...)
*Warning: Safety comes first so be careful not to hurt yourself while attempting goofy poses. bowling event
3. Bowling Relay Race Fastest team wins! Use two lanes next to each other and divide all players in two teams. The first players on the teams will start off in sequence with each player rolling his/her ball down the lane. When a ball returns, the next player will grab it and roll it down the alley. This game is not about how accurate the throw is or how many pins are knocked down, but rather which team can have all its players roll the ball down the aisle first. 4. Tag Team Bowling Time to pair up! Divide all players into a team of 2. The first pair each takes a turn to bowl - the first player will bowl first, and the second one will go for the spare (if any). To liven things up, sport use lanes that are side by side and have two or more teams challenge each other at the same time. The victors from each challenge will move on to challenge each other. The game will end when there's only one team remaining. 5. It all depends on LUCK Prepare a list of things that have to be achieved by every team that is playing. Each of the tasks can be struck off once achieved. There's no need to complete the tasks in any order (unless the game is for professional players) and quickest team to have all items checked off the list wins! Examples:
A team has to hit only two, or five, or eight pins.

A team has to hit only the foremost pin.

A team has to clear a split.

A team has to knock over only an odd or even number of pins. A team has to strike at least once.

A team must have at least one gutter.
6. Go the opposite! Slow and steady wins the game! Have two teams playing simultaneously in different lanes. The first player in each team begins to bowl together but has to bowl in slow motion in the slowest possible way. The ball to finish last gets a point. It's not about the number of pins you strike but the slower you go. 7. Poker Bowling For every strike or split a player or team gets, a card is pulled from the top of the deck. These cards are to be collected until the end of the tenth frame. After the tenth frame, all the players will make the best poker game of the collected cards. The team or player with the highest bowling score combined with the best poker game wins. bowling singapore
Do you love to bowl? Join the U Sports' Bowling interest group to meet fellow avid bowlers at regular training sessions and stand to represent U Sports at local or international tournaments!

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