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It just comes up out of no where!You can get it by just playing alot and maybe you can get lucky and Get the Santa hat. You can also play on Christmas day and get the santa hat

How do you get the santa hat on platform racing 2?
It Just randomly comes up!

How do you get the santa hat on kongregate platform racing 2?
log in on Christmas day, or Christmastree just keep playing and it will be the prize.

On platform racing 2 how do you get the 4th hat?
Play Hat Factory and finish it!

How do you go faster in platform racing 2?
High speed and accel for running, high accel for swimming and crawling, and wearing santa hat.

How do you get a cowboy hat on platform racing 2?
same answer as how to get crown on platform racing 2 but you must get 100,000 points. You can also hack it but It's not necessary to do so.

How do you get the exp hat in platform racing 2?
Exp hat appears as a prize in random races. Best thing to do is to just keep racing!

What does a crown hat do on platform racing 2?
it makes you immune to harmful objects.

What does the crown hat do in Platform Racing 2?
it makes you invincible to everything besides lightning

How do you get a santa hat from platform racing 2?
It appears randomly in races, more likely to apear in custom levels to promote them, but it isn't unheard of for them to appear in campain levels as well

How do you get a crown hat on platform racing 2?
You get the crown by downloading F@H. (Folding@home) When you download it, try to earn 5000 points and you get crown in Platform racing 2 1,000 points = 3+ranks 5,000 points = crown hat 100,000 points = cowboy hat Enjoy! =)

How do you get the exp hat on Platform Racing 2?
It comes up randomly in a course. It can be any course.

When was platform racing 2 made?
Platform Racing 2 was made on April 2008

Platform racing 2 how to trade iteams?
You are unable to trade items in Platform Racing 2. :(

Platform racing 2 account?
If anyone's wondering if they should make a new account and start from zero, they can use my account: Account lvl 18 (or higher) already have propeller hat, santa hat, and all these cool costumes. Beat Hat Factory (DON'T PLAY IT) Cheers.

Who developed Platform Racing 2?
Platform Racing 2, a flash racing game and sequel to the original Platform Racing, was developed by Jacob Grahn, also known as "Jiggmin". It was published by Kongregate in 2008.

How do you play platform racing if you got banned?
just play platform racing 2

How do you get the party hat on platform racing 2?
5,000 pts on F@H for team Jiggmin or log on on New Years.

Is there any game like club penguin but with no memberships?
Yes theres Roblox,Platform Racing,Platform Racing 2,Platform Racing 3.

Are there any hackers in Platform Racing 2?
Yes. Some users on Platform Racing 2 (PR2) do hack.

What are names of good platform racing games like platform racing1 2 and Littlebigplanet?
LittleBigPlanet is not a Platform Racing Game

What websites are on platform ricing 2?
there r platform racing 2.com and konregate.com

What are the names of all the hats that exist in Platform Racing 2 and how do you get them?
Summaries of hats are organized in the following way: Hat: How to get it (effect of wearing hat) Kong hat: Get by playing Platform Racing 2 on Kongregate.com (increases exp gain by 25%) EXP hat: Randomly appears in levels. Won Randomly. (increases exp gain by 100%) Santa hat: Random, same as EXP hat. ( freezes tiles under player, e.g. can walk on water) Propeller hat: Get by completing "Hat Factory" (if u press up, u...

Who is ASilva93?
A Moderator on platform racing 2

How do you get rank 50 in platform racing?
Rank 50 can be achieved in Platform Racing by earning 50 experience points. Rank 50 can be achieved in Platform Racing 2 by earning about 8.4 million experience points

Where can you play platform racing 2?
Jiggmin Kongregate

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