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Developed in 2015, by Benjamin Vedder; his Open Source BLDC ESC is referred to as the VESC. He has devoted over 5 years spending numerous hours building the most ideal VESC feasible.

imageThe hardware and software is open resource. Since there are plenty of CPU-resources left, the modification opportunities are nearly countless.

- STM32F4 microcontroller.
- DRV8302 MOSFET driver/ buck converter/ current shunt amp.
- IRFS7530 MOEFETs (other FETs in the very same bundle also suit).
- 5V 1A output for exterior electronics coming from the money converter included on the DRV8302.
- Current: 8V - 60V (Safe for FOUR to 12S LiPo).
- Current: Up to 240A for a couple of secs or skateboard parts guide regarding 50A ongoing depending upon the temperature and sky flow around the PCB.
- Sensored as well as sensorless FOC wich auto-detection of all motor criteria is executed given that FW 2.3.
- Firmware based on ChibiOS/RT.
- PCB size: a little lower than 40mm x 60mm.
- Current and voltage measurement on all phases.
- Cultural stopping.
- DC motors are actually likewise reinforced.
- Sensored or sensorless operation.
- A GUI along with considerable amounts of arrangement parameters
- Adaptive PWM regularity to acquire as good ADC measurements as achievable.
- RPM-based phase development (or even timing/field weakening).
- Good start-up twist in the sensorless mode (and definitely in the sensored mode too).
- The electric motor is actually made use of as a tachometer, which is good for odometry on changed RC autos. - Duty-cycle control, velocity control or even existing control.
- Smooth 4-quadrant function.
- Interface to control the motor: PPM signal (RC servo), analog, UART, I2C, USB or even CAN-bus.
- Wireless wii nunchuk (Nyko Kama) control with the I2C slot. This comes for electric skateboards.
- Consumed as well as regenerated amp-hour and watt-hour checking.
- Extra PPM sign output. Valuable when e.g. controlling an RC automobile coming from a raspberry pi or an android device.
- The USB port utilizes the cable box account, so an Android gadget could be attached to the motor controller without embeding. Due to the servo result, the odometry as well as the added ADC inputs (that may be made use of for sensors), this is actually best for tweaking an RC vehicle to be controlled coming from Android (or even raspberry private eye).
- Flexible protection against - Low input current
- High input current
- High electric motor current
- High input current
- High regenerative stopping present (separate restrictions for the motor as well as the input).
- Fast responsibility pattern improvements (ramping).
- High RPM (distinct limitations for each direction).
- When the existing limits are actually struck, a delicate back-off tactic is used while the motor maintains operating. If the current becomes means too expensive, the motor is actually switched off completely.
- The Revoltions Per Minute limitation also possesses a soft back-off strategy.
- Commutation functions wonderfully even when the velocity of the motor improvements rapidly. This is due to the simple fact that the magnetic flux is actually incorporated after the absolutely no intercrossing instead of incorporating a problem based on the previous speed.
- When the motor is actually revolving while the controller is off, the commutations and also the direction are tracked. The duty-cycle to obtain the same speed is also determined. This is actually to receive a smooth begin when the motor is actually rotating.

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