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Kitchen blender has become an integral part of the kitchen in most homes. The small, portable and efficient machine makes many food processing jobs in the kitchen easier. Preparing food becomes a simple task with its help. Once a person becomes accustomed to using the kitchen blender, it is difficult to manage food preparation without it. Buying such a simple device may seem an easy task but there are so many models with different features and functions that it can be difficult to buy a particular model.

Different Types of Blenders

There are simple blenders that provide the basic functionality, while high end blenders have added features. Jar blenders are quite popular because these blenders are available with different features. The price of a kitchen blender depends on the type of functions, features, power capacity and the blade design present in the model. Immersion blenders can be used for simple blending, mixing and pureeing functions. Some designs have special blade design or chopper attachment. While electric blenders are the most popular varieties, cordless models can also be found.

Blender Functions

A kitchen blender with ice-crushing blade and a minimum power of 500 watts is sufficient for making frozen drinks and smoothies. There are also low power and full-size models. If a blender will be used for grinding/chopping tasks then it must have a chopping blade. For preparing creamy soups and baby food as well as for mixing, stirring, blending and pureeing, a standard blender is sufficient.

Blenders with Jar or Jug Feature

The blender jar is available in glass or plastic option. Glass jars are provided in expensive models while plastic jars are common in the budget blenders. Pouring out the mix from a flat design jar can be a difficult task so it is important to choose a jar design that has good pouring spout design.

Hand or Immersion Blenders

Mixing, blending and pureeing in a suitable bowl are quite easy with the hand blenders. For small amount mixes, the small blade of a hand blender is most suitable. The compact design makes it easy to store and handle it. Hand blenders are available in electric or cordless varieties. There are models that come with chopping accessories and can also be used for juicer cup crushing the ice.

Multifunction Blenders

Such blenders are quite expensive but can handle many other tasks than just simple mixing and blending. Made with commercial grade materials, these blenders can be used to make juice and process foods. Multifunction blenders have additional accessories that make many types of chopping and food processing jobs in the kitchen easier. Some companies provide special features like reverse blade, preset function, adjustable speed, and dual-wave action.

Price Comparison

The cost of a kitchen blender depends on the type of features and functions available in the model. Blenders that can do multiple tasks are quite costly compared to the ones that are used for simple blending. At the same time, while a multifunctional blender may be costly, it eliminates the need to buy additional home appliances for food processing.

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