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Like Mijia products, the looks of Mijia smart door lock is straightforward and low-key fashion. The shade matching is straightforward. The whole physique is black in the non-operating state. The door handle and the lock hole cowl are fabricated from sandy texture materials.

The entire panel materials of the smart door lock of Xiaomi is explosion-proof tempered glass made by acrylic IML technology. As a door lock, it is no blame. If the safety problem is neglected, the designer should be "Shi Lezhi". The energy of the panel materials of smart door lock of Xiaomi is comparable to the mainstream smart door lock out there.

The design of UI interface of door lock is identical as that of unusual smart door lock. The higher part of the panel is a digital password disk without operation hiding state. It will probably disguise quickly after we enter the password or touch it by mistake. Generally talking, the design of hidden digital password disk has excessive safety performance. It could be higher if the show residence time may be set independently.

The fingerprint recognition space of the door lock is on the door handle. In order to higher conform to the ergonomics, the smart hotel door lock manufacturers (http://shellihipkiss49.xtgem.com/index/__xtblog_entry/14069662-aspects-to-think-about-when-acquiring-door-locks-for-resort?__xtblog_block_id=1) lock of Xiaomi adopts the elliptical groove design. The recognition area is large and the recognition rate may be very accurate. In addition, Xiaomi smart door lock also makes use of sapphire material with Mohs hardness as much as 9 to make fingerprint identification space cover. The fee performance is de facto good.

As for the key fingerprint opening of smart door lock, I can say very responsibly that it is identical as our traditional door opening operation. Once we grasp the door handle, the thumb will naturally be positioned in the fingerprint space. While the fingerprint space can shortly identify fingerprints, we are able to press down the door handle to open the door. As well as, the underside of the smart door lock is the USB emergency power jack and speaker. The emergency power jack is arranged in a place that's not conspicuous and hardly used in daily life.

The decrease a part of the outer part of the door lock is the keyhole, which is coated by a circular shell that is pushed up and rotated by a press. When opening a door with a key, we only must press the circular shell with our thumb, and the important thing hole could be leaked by the homeopathic rotating shell. Inside the door lock is the anti-lock rotating knob of millet smart door lock, which is a set of virtually all anti-theft doors. After entering the door, turning the button, and anti-locking the door, the safety efficiency is increased.

What are the unlock methods of the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock?

There are up to 5 ways to unlock the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock, and they're: Password, keyhole, NFC, Bluetooth, fingerprint.

1. Dwelling fingerprint unlocking

What I've to mention here is the fingerprint unlocking method of Xiaomi smart door lock. It is known that the door lock adopts the residing fingerprint unlocking method. Many of the non-residing fingerprint unlocking strategies on the market use optical fingerprint unlocking, which ends up in most unlocking strategies being like these in the movie. Illegal individuals or protagonists make fingerprint unlocking module by residual fingerprints, then press on the fingerprint unlocking area and open the fingerprint lock to attain their own purposes.

But the smart door lock of Xiaomi adopts the expertise of living fingerprint, so it can be acknowledged in many environments, equivalent to dry fingerprint, reduce, wet water and so on. Rubber and other simulated fingers can not move it. Another advantage of residing fingerprint is that even wet fingers could be shortly recognized, and their safety and comfort are excellent.

2. Password unlocking

Good door locks on the market nearly assist password unlocking. The smart door lock of millet house helps the operate of digital password. That is to say, consumers can actually set their very own open-door password. They can be set to the first few bits of password chaotic code, random input, follow-up correct password can nonetheless open the smart door lock.

3. Bluetooth unlocking

There are many ways to unlock the smart door lock of Xiaomi, among which Bluetooth is probably the most handy way to unlock the door. Because the door lock is equipped with Mijia security chip, it could encrypt all Bluetooth communication content material, so the whole unlocking course of is secure and reliable. The Bluetooth can be a easy way to unlock mobile phones. As long as you open the main interface of Mijia APP, you can easily click on on the lock icon of the primary interface to open the door.

4. NFC unlocking

At current, there are numerous mobile phones supporting NFC operate, and they're well-liked in some of its flagship fashions. So as long as they're supported, they are often unlocked through NFC perform, just like we use mobile phones to brush Metro cards.

Users solely must open a brand new "door card" within the "Mi wallet" of the Xiaomi mobile phone which supports the NFC perform, then write the key of the door card, contact the door lock with the cell phone, and the door lock responds instantaneously to complete the unlocking. In line with official knowledge, the Xiaomi smart door lock can bind 25 NFC units.

5. Key unlocking

Although the most important promoting point of Xiaomi smart door lock is to let folks say goodbye to the difficulty of the key, as a door lock, an emergency key continues to be essential to open the door. The important thing hole is designed underneath the exterior panel and an integrated concealed design is adopted. There is a small cover plate on the lock hole. The key gap might be seen by pressing down and sliding the cover plate.

Are there any other functions of the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock?

To begin with, the smart door lock of Xiaomi carries quite a lot of security sensors.

1. If the keyhole is inserted many times and the lock just isn't unlocked for a long time, the door lock will give an alarm.

2. The smart door lock panel of Mijia home has abnormal prizing, and the smart door lock will give an alarm. Along with the alarm on the lock panel, when the lock is closed, the lock tongue inside the lock additionally has sensors, and abnormal opening of the door can set off the alarm. In contrast with atypical anti-theft doors, this sort of sensor mounting scheme from inside to outside might be stated to be very safe.

Generally speaking, all of the above alerts will probably be up to date on Mijia app, which might leave a log file on the user's cell phone and synchronously push related messages. Especially, the latch state detection sensor can detect the latch state. When the door will not be locked or hid, it's going to remind the user. In addition, the smart door lock of Mijia has mechanical safety bolt, so it is. It is an anti-lock system and can also be thought to be a baby safety lock. It must press down and rotate onerous to lock back. It will possibly prevent children from operating the door again-lock by mistake when they're at residence and can't open the door.

Xiaomi smart door lock helps setting momentary password in APP terminal. When there are visitors at home, it could actually generate a brief password, and might customize the valid date and legitimate interval. This is also the intimate setting that many sensible door locks have in the market at present. The Mijia APP can't only link the smart door lock of Mijia for status viewing, log looking, remote settings and other operations as talked about above.

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