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What’s happening to my bin service in the city of Wanneroo?

Residents at present have two bins at their house - a dark green home waste bin and a yellow lid recycling bin. The city of Wanneroo will be introducing a 3rd bin inside the next couple of years. Everyone with a residential kerbside bin service will obtain a lime inexperienced lid bin for meals organics and backyard organics (FOGO). This bin will likely be the identical dimension as your present bins (240 litres).

What is the FOGO kerbside collection?

plastic recycling machineFOGO stands for Food Organics, Paper Backyard Organics. It's the gathering of food scraps, as well as pure materials from your garden to create high quality compost. A handy way to consider FOGO is "if it wasn’t alive or didn’t grow, it’s not FOGO".

Does this mean I will want to place all my green and food waste in the same bin?

Yes, both food organics and garden organics (green waste) can be positioned into the identical lime green lid FOGO bin.

Why are we altering to a brand new bin system?

A three bin system is a simple means for residents to actively make a positive difference to our environment. A new bin for organic waste lets residents make higher decisions about tips on how to dispose of their waste. It may even enable doubtlessly useful sources to be processed into Australian commonplace compost.

The brand new bin system will permit the city to recover extra waste as a useful resource, reduce waste to landfill and reduce the price of waste management.

Town of Wanneroo will also be one in all the first native governments to satisfy the State Government’s Waste Avoidance and Useful resource Recovery Strategy 2030 target of introducing a three bin FOGO kerbside collection system.

Why wasn’t I consulted about the plans for three bins?

Town of Wanneroo invited residents and ratepayers to participate in a Waste Services survey from Might to June 2018 to assist town understand the community’s preferences for the way forward for waste administration.

The survey was marketed on the City’s Facebook web page, webpage, newspaper articles, as well as newspaper and radio commercials.

A direct mail invitation was additionally randomly despatched to 1500 City residents inviting them to take part in an internet survey.

The survey results were shared on the City’s web site in August 2018 when results of the Waste Companies overview went to Council.

A full copy of the waste survey outcomes can be found on the City’s website at www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/wasteservicessurvey2018.

When will the brand new service begin?

A start date is still to be decided. Town hopes to introduce the new service in the 2020/21 monetary 12 months. Households will obtain further info about the service within the lead as much as the roll out.

What is going to I be ready to put in every bin?

The three bin system that the city of Wanneroo is introducing will probably be completely different from the bins in the city of Joondalup and the city of Stirling.

waste recycling systemLime green lid bin - FOGO: All meals organics (uncooked and cooked) such as vegetable peelings, meat, bones and shells, and small garden organics corresponding to lawn clippings, prunings, weeds and leaves. This bin shall be composted so it’s important to maintain plastic recycling machine youtube and glass out of this bin. Remember - if it wasn’t alive or didn’t grow, it’s not FOGO.

Yellow lid bin - recycling: Recyclable supplies such as paper, flattened cardboard, aluminium and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles and containers.

Pink lid bin - residual waste: Normal rubbish objects that cannot be composted or recycled similar to nappies, meat trays and hygiene merchandise.

Do I get a say on the dimensions of my bin?

In Might/June 2018, town conducted a neighborhood survey asking residents their ideas about the longer term route of waste administration. 75 per cent of respondents wanted to introduce a 3rd bin for the disposal of organic waste.

All households will receive the three bin system, but the town of Wanneroo understands that households have totally different needs. That can assist you get probably the most out of your kerbside bin service, households will be capable of make some decisions about what bin combinations will fit your family’s needs, by choosing the dimensions of your recycling and rubbish bins.

Once the roll out date of the three bin system is confirmed, households will be capable to register their most well-liked bin combos. Help might be out there to help you in making this decision.

Will having three bins imply prices akin to charges will go up for residents?

No, there will be no extra costs to residents for the three bin FOGO service.

The cost of composting the separated FOGO materials will actually be less than what town currently pays for waste processing.

This saving is anticipated to cowl any elevated service delivery costs, corresponding to new bins and transport. The town has additionally applied for funding from the State Waste Authority to reduce the price of introducing the FOGO bin service.

It is crucial to note that all of the City’s costs to ship waste administration providers to residents are paid for throughout the Waste Service Cost, which is a separate charge to common rates. Because of this residents can see exactly what it prices for waste services.

Will I nonetheless get a bulk greens verge assortment?

Sure. Bulk greens verge collections will continue as usual for the foreseeable future.

Our household doesn’t have a lot meals or backyard waste; will we nonetheless need the FOGO bin?

Yes. The three bin system will likely be the new standard waste service which means that every family will obtain three bins.

We encourage you to continue to compost at dwelling, nevertheless you should use your lime green lid FOGO bin for things you can’t put in your house compost bin reminiscent of bones, meat and seafood.

I’ve seen the three bins in the town of Joondalup and town of Stirling. Is that this the identical thing?

The Cities of Joondalup and Stirling have introduced a 3 bin system however their lime green bin is for garden organics solely.

The town of Wanneroo’s three bin system shall be completely different. The lime inexperienced bin might be for garden organics as well as food organics resembling bones, food scraps and vegetable peelings. This may help the town of Wanneroo maximise the quantity of waste being saved from landfill and was high quality compost.

Extra details about how to use the new bin system might be provided to all households that can assist you get sorted.

Why do the Cities of Joondalup and Stirling not require residents to put food waste and greens in the same bin?

Town of Wanneroo’s new kerbside assortment system is based on the latest research with City of Wanneroo residents and is in full alignment with the State Government’s newly revealed Waste Strategy.

How can I register for a larger recycling bin?

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