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National Geographic magazine once gave a prestigious award to a fake photo, and even ran a fake photo on a magazine cover. One of the world’s most famous news photos is a somewhat fake photo, and your e-mail inbox may have some fake photos that have become urban legends. The credibility of some photos are still debated, although most arguments have been debunked: for example the moon landing photos are real, as are the photos of soldiers planting a flag at Iwo Jima. Here are some famous images that don’t fit the bill. The most famous fake photo in recent history is Brian Walski’s Los Angeles Times cover photo from Iraq that combines two separate images of an American soldier and Iraqi civilians for a more compelling fake photo. Sharp-eyed readers noticed two images of the same civilians in the background, and the newspaper fired Walski, but not before giving the news media a black eye.

Another fake photo scandal ensnared more than a photographer. London’s Daily Mirror newspaper fired an editor for using fake photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. Vietnam War news coverage included perhaps the most famous fake photo. Eddie Adams won a Pulitzer for his photo of Viet Cong Col. Ngyen Ngoc Loan shooting a prisoner in the head. While it isn’t exactly a fake photo, the colonel moved the execution to an outside location so gathered press photographers would have better light and angles. The most famous image of a blurry Loch Ness monster — the Surgeon’s Photo — is a fake photo, but it predates Photoshop, so it’s not just digital wizardry. Photo experts say the photo bears obvious hallmarks of digital manipulation. National Geographic removed the photo from its Web site but has not officially acknowledged it is fake. National Geographic used its own fake photo in 1982 for a cover that pushed two Egyptian pyramids closer together for a more compelling image. The tragic 2004 tsunami in Asia spawned terrifying real images of nature’s wrath, and even more fake photos. Some of the fakes even made it into newspapers all over the globe. Detractors of George W. Bush don’t have to work hard to find embarrassing images of the former president, but one handy jokester still insisted on creating a fake photo. The famous photo of Bush reading to children on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, was regularly circulated with Bush holding the book upside down. Come on, even his harshest critics don’t believe he’s that dumb, right? The other side plays the same game. A fake photo of John Kerry sharing the stage with Jane Fonda was making the rounds in the 2004 U.S presidential campaign. The image is a composite of two images from anti-war rallies and the two never appeared on stage at the same time.

Let us do what is right, let us do what is just. Still a member of the House Judiciary Committee in 2019, Chabot is less sanguine on impeaching President Donald Trump. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. This is yet another resolution put forth by Democrats on this committee to keep this so-called impeachment chatter alive and well to look for something that isn't there. They lack the facts, and they know it. Instead of focusing on the opioid crisis, or keeping families safe at the borders, or rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, or lowering prescription drug prices, they've been busy on this committee pursuing a faux impeachment, a fake impeachment. What I mean by a faux impeachment, it's absolutely not happening. It's a charade, absolutely is. Today we have yet another resolution that wastes more of this distinguished committee's time to ostensibly give this committee the power to do something that's already in this committee's power to do. And still, committee Democrats haven't scheduled such a vote.

Nor has this committee marked up anything to authorize formal impeachment proceedings. Here are the facts. But they also know that most Democrats hate this president. They've decided that he's guilty regardless of what the facts say. And so instead, the committee Democrats feel no choice but to investigate, and investigate, and investigate until they find something that looks like a crime. Well, this resolution we are spending valuable committee time on today is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. But Democrats on this committee are much more interested in continuing to relitigate the Mueller investigation rather than considering issues long-awaiting consideration before this committee. This morning we could've used this committee's time to bring in and question Inspector General Horowitz about his recent report, but we aren't. And we likely never will, which is a shame because Americans, our constituents, deserve to know exactly what happened and what can be done to prevent future leaks at the FBI.

I hope that after today Democrats can finally move past this fake impeachment strategy and on to more pressing matters pending consideration before this committee. But I suspect that next week, when we return from our respective districts, they will find yet another way to continue down this rabbit hole. And I yield back. Toledo Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur criticized Clinton's behavior, but did not think he should be impeached. Mr. Speaker, this Congress is faced with a very imperfect situation, a President who has deeply disgraced our nation and an independent prosecutor who has compromised the integrity of the investigative process. The damage both men have rendered is strewn across the American landscape, and now the Committee on the Judiciary of this House has produced a one-sided, rampantly partisan option for this membership to consider. Healing our nation must be the paramount consideration of this body, and our people must be spared from further division.

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