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-text c-gray-1" >HP isn't done reviving its smartwatch partnerships just because it's helping Movado -- far from it. The tech pioneer has unveiled a smartwatch deal with Titan, the fifth-largest watchmaker in the world and a powerhouse in its native India. The two aren't saying much about what their new wearable entails beyond a design that's "responsive, but not intrusive" (what does that even mean?) and its support for both Android and iOS. However, it's safe to say that HP is doing most of the heavy lifting. Like with other Engineered by HP smartwatches, it's supplying the underlying hardware and software while the watch brand focuses mostly on design and manufacturing.

imageThe Titan move may seem odd at first blush when there are more famous brands out there, but it makes sense given both the company's limited options (big names like TAG Heuer and Hermes are already sewn up) and the very reason the partnership program exists. While Titan may not be a household name in many countries, it still sells over 15 million watches a year. Even if only a fraction of its future sales are smartwatches, Engineered by HP suddenly gets many more sales under its belt -TamilMV - Download Tamil and the clout to forge other smartwatch alliances. If this pans out, HP may become a mainstay of the wearable world rather than a bit player.

[Image credit: Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images]

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