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Members of the Shanghai ballet have assembled at the Bode Museum in Berlin to pose for a series of symmetrical shots 

Christmas, Decoration, Doll, FaceThe production includes 48 swans compared the usual 16 who all stood to attention in the grand foyer on Thursday 

The dancers, all dressed in their white tutus, were perfectly symmetrical in their movements making for some stunning aerial shots 

The near 50 dancers cascaded down the staircase in this dramatic shot after performing a piece from the world famous production 

The production is the work of the English choreographer Derek Deane who has enlisted a 100 dancers to be involved worldwide

Deane said of his choreography, 'The result is truly magnificent! It is much more touching and poetic than I had ever imagined'

Deane has also choreographed the likes of The Vintage Wooden Nutcracker and Romeo & Juliet for the ballet company 

Since its founding in 1979, many young dancers of the company have won total of 39 medals in various international dance competitions

The dancers were all perfectly poised in their movements in the historic building on Wednesday afternoon 

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