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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Enlarge ImageLong, wide and shapely -- the Revero GT is certainly a looker.

Karma Automotive Karma Automotive is a five-year-old automaker, and its executives make no bones about defining it as a startup. The 2020 Revero GT you see here is Karma's first real attempt at a fully baked offering, Aroma Air Purifier yet nothing about this gasoline-electric luxury sedan feels like it's a first-effort, beta-test prototype from a company you've probably never heard of.

"We call it 'Version 2.0,'" Bob Kruse, Karma's chief technology officer, tells me at the company's headquarters in Irvine, California. Kruse joined Karma in 2017 and is largely responsible for making the Revero GT what it is today. The man certainly knows his stuff; during his tenure at General Motors, Kruse was picked by Bob Lutz to handle the original Chevrolet Volt project. He also spent time developing performance cars like the second-generation Cadillac CTS-V -- you know, the one that sprouted the wagon of automotive journalists' dreams.

Kruse certainly had his work cut out for him, as prior to launching the GT, the Revero has had a turbulent journey. The sedan was originally born out of Fisker Automotive, a company led by Danish designer Henrik Fisker. And it was, to put it nicely, a complete flop. Expensive and unrefined, though wrapped in some pretty sheetmetal, the original Karma never caught on, and about one year after its launch, Fisker Automotive filed for bankruptcy. The company's remains were purchased by China's Wanxiang Group in 2014, and Karma Automotive was formedĀ from that debris.

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