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Under 14 A League: Banbury Utd Yth 3, Eynsham Yth 2; Middleton Cheney 0, Garden City 4; Tower Hill Stars 1, Bure Pk Juniors 0. B League: Hanwell Utd 2, Grendon Rgrs 5; Yarnton Blues 3, Charlbury Tn Yth 3. C League: Chadlington Spts 6, Kingham All Blacks 0; Launton Ath 0, Tower Hill 4..

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Doherty represents a large swath of suburban New Jersey where resentment toward the extra funding of low income schools runs deep. He is proposing that the preschools for poor kids be cut to half day, and the $300,000 saved be spent on K through 12 education in the suburbs. Doherty says he prefers the way most states collect an income tax that then funds school districts equally..

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Have the love of the game and want to keep playing, MacArthur said. Scary part is, you do everything you could to try and get back? If you did and you still can get back then I can live with that or I have a chance to live with that. But if I leave a stone unturned or don check every avenue or do everything I can then it be hard to live with for me.

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