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But that email got me curious: who was Harold Henthorn's first wife? What freak accident befell her? Could one man really have that much misfortune?I spent hours researching who Harold Henthorn was, and trying to learn who his first wife was to see how she actually died. But since her death had also been an accident, and had occurred nearly two decades earlier, it was extremely difficult to find any information about how she died and where she died. How many wives crawl under their car during a tire change? With their husband standing there?It was starting to appear that Harold Henthorn was extraordinarily unlucky with his two wives a car crushing one, another falling from a cliff 17 years later, both in remote areas with him as the only witness, and Harold Henthorn the beneficiary in both cases of large life insurance policies.

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Moreover, with an annuity, you lose access to your money. Essentially, you gave your money to the insurance company to purchase the annuity. It's theirs to keep forever, and your income is dependent on the insurance executives running a sound insurance company for the next 30 or so years.

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