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Children of immigrants are "only" have an overrepresentation in rape by 1.8 times. In general the report found immigrants to be 2.5 times more likely to be registered for a crime, those born in Sweden with immigrant parents 2.0 times more likely, and with one immigrant parent 1.4 times more likely.However, compare that with the group of people living in a family that has had social welfare (socialbidrag) compared with those who haven and it a factor of 6.1.Or those with only primary education and those with a three year university/college education and it a factor of 5.7.Immigrants are more likely to be poor and have low education. I think we could draw some more nuanced conclusions.moh_kohn 248 points submitted 1 month agoAnd yet, after it happened once in Britain in 1996, at my school, we banned handguns and it hasn happened again since.

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Here are the core texts and references used for Semester 2. I wouldn't recommend reading everything; instead read the papers from the parts of the course that you find the most interesting, and use these core texts to find others. The list is quite heavily annotated so it should give you an idea of the most relevant readings..

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Lancaster was also very interested in politics, and he served one term in the Florida state legislature. In 1934, he moved to Santa Barbara and went to work for County National Bank and Trust. He later became a founder of Santa Barbara Bank Trust. With Sweezy out, the Bucs had Joe Hawley at right guard, with LG Kevin Pamphile working at right tackle while Demar Dotson (groin) is out another week. Evan Smith filled in at left guard for Pamphile. Glanton filled in for Alexander at middle linebacker and drew praise from Koetter.

A few years ago, Cosby sweaters had their own section in thrift stores. But then, like all fads, it came to a crashing halt when the man who made the colorful, rich sweaters popular came under fire for (allegedly) demonstrating rapist behavior (dozens of times over a few decades). Like Bill Cosby, the popularity of the sweater has taken a hit, and the Indianapolis funktronica trio that once donned the name, Cosby Sweater, wholesale nfl jerseys officially made the switch to Turbo Suit last June.
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