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usually bones, joints and soft internal tissues (tendons, muscles, ligaments) are covered by an orthopedic doctor

How do you take care of a baby opossum?
You give it to someone who knows how to take care of it. Like a specialist, or someone with a license to take care of a joey opossum.

What is it called when your time for choosing is over?
You are in someone alse shoose and they will take care of you and guide you in the right direction.

What does it mean to kneecap someone?
It mean to go up to someone take a gun aim it at their knee cap and fire destroying their knee cap and making it hard to walk

What is the Afrikaans word for take care?
If you want to wish someone well you can say "laat dit goed gaan" If you mean take care of someone you will say "omsien na..." (lit. take care of...)

What is a literacy meaning for nursing?
A literacy meaning for nursing would be someone that helps take care of someone else. They look after that person. They also take care of that person's needs.

How do you reply when someone says take care?
No, YOU take care. _________ You too. Or: bye; see ya; see you later; later. "No, YOU take care" is ok but seems strained to me. It's not as if only ONE of us can take care. Thanks I will

How do you say take care in Philippines?
"Take care" can be translated with the verb root "ingat" (pronouned "ING - aht"). Different verb forms can mean "to care for" or "to take care of". "Ingat" can be used as a substitue for "take care" when saying good-bye to someone.

How do you take care of jasmine?
if someone wants something and you give it to them that is like taking care of jasmine.

What is difference between carelessness and neglect?
carelessness is when you dont care about something or someone but neglect is when you forget or dont take care of something or someone

What are people that decorate church and reception called at wedding?
If you hire someone then they are called 'wedding planners' and take care of the flowers; the church; decorations at the reception and the dinner or buffet for the wedding.

What are the bees that take care of the hive and make honey called?
the bees that take care of the hive and leg make honey called?" the guardian bees of the hive they take car of the bee hive. the bees that take care of the hive and make honey called?" the guardian bees of the hive they take car of the bee hive.

What Is The meaning of desertion?
It usually refers to someone abandoning a person who he/she is legally or morally obligated to take care of.

What does malama pono mean?
Aloha: Take care (like when someone is leaving); go with care; etc.

Why is zoology a career important?
You need someone to take care of our zoo's

Do people care about animals in the zoos?
yes. the people that take care of them are called zookeepers.

What is it called to take someone out of a will?
To disinherit them.

How does the bald eagle care for its babies and what are the babies called?
The young are called eaglets. Both parents help take care of them.

If someone says I'll call you later take care Does the take care really mean goodbye?
Not really. It can mean something as simple as "take care of yourself; I don't like any hurt to come to you."

What doctors take care of babies?
the doctors that take care of babies is called a pediatrician. you could get mixed up with a nurse and a pediatrician but the difference is that a nurse doesn't only take care of babies and kids. they can take care of any size.

What are the doctors called that take care of you while in labor at the hospital?
They are called a obstetrician

What to do when you have no parents?
just pray to God and he will answer your prayers.....just tell him that you need someone to take care of you and he will send someone to you and a good someone

What is the word for animals that care for their young?
Animals that care for their young are called mammals. When a polar bear has babies it take care of them . When a human has babies we take care of them up until usually 20.

What is a babysitter?
A babysitter is someone who is paid to take care of children when parents are unable to.

What to do if someone pees in your pool?
The chlorine in the water will take care of any germs.

What does it mean when someone says he care about you?
Why not take it at face value and believe he cares about you

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