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Starcraft 2 - Dark Templar Rush Strategy Guide
This is a thing that perhaps the true geniuses do in order to win easy games online and to have their ranking up sky high; it's especially effective in 2v2 matches vs. the Protoss enemy.
We are likely to call the dark Knights Templar Necklace the "DT" since it is an always cloaked unit that may 't be detected without detectors, and it has a huge, and highly powerful swing. So to put it differently, this thing is mean and vicious and you may have newbies based wiped out before they will knew what actually transpired.
First of all you realize that observers are very costly, and that; and another thing is always that Protoss players assume that their other player can use detection and can use it effectively, but in reality, you must never underestimate or overestimate the opponent, especially with this brand-new game.
You'd be amazed about how precisely many games this may win the race you, it's only smart when you get started now and seeking to perfect this plan.
But even as we said, it is a rare scenario where your dark templars get detected, it's personally only happened if you ask me twice, and when I played my mate twice (he plays against me nearly all single day)
Anyways even as keep emphasizing, it's very possible to execute this dark templar rush and catch the opponent off guard. They won't know what's happening by enough time you hit the beds base, it's basically past too far.
How to Do It
You first of most you need to make sure you build 9 probes throughout the beds base even though the final probe is in production, you would like to quickly create a pylon and lastly after that you need to build the gateway.
You want to build the 1st gateway even as we stated above and have got built 12/19 probes, then you definitely finally still chrono boost out your probes and begin building your assimilators during this period frame.
The instant the gateway arrives, I mean take action quickly, you would like to construct your cybernetics core along with the moment, second, and instant you can research the warp gate technology, you would like to undertake it A.S.A.P! (this will help you in the foreseeable future in terms of hoping to get past observers, just in case you do have a good opponent)
One thing I'm a big fan of doing is scouting your opponent and seeing whatever they could possibly be doing, and if these are prepared to attack, you actually wish to build more gateways or a twilight council relating to the two gateways.
When you rush, you would like to rush to the Dark Shrine in protoss players, if you are playing Terran's who have not expanded, you then may desire to consider building a robotics facility, obtain a warp prism and warp the protoss in.
Place down your dark shrine (provide you with it first, and send the probe to the bottom and build the pylonand finally build the pylon inside or outside the beds base, in the event you build the pylon outside the base, you are able to build units inside the bottom; then finally get some new 2-3 gateways to warpgates and warp the templars right close to your opponents base.
Wa-la you happen to be created make your opponent cry being a little baby, congrats, you're much better achieving rank.

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