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The cash prize comes with a gold medal and a diploma that are received at an elegant ceremony in Stockholm on Dec. 10, the anniversary of the death of prize founder Alfred Nobel in 1896, together with the winners of five other Nobel prizes. The sixth one, the peace prize, is handed out in Oslo, Norway, on the same day..

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This is getting kind of catty. I guess the slander and the jokes and the name calling is going to go back and forth until someone gets hurt or even killed. Ive seen beefs (pause) and have heard jokes told but this is definitely spiraling out of control.

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El Rey muy acongojado bajo al pueblo y explico lo que el dragn le haba propuesto. Las gentes se reunieron para dar una solucin a la exigencia del dragn. Despus de largas horas de deliberacin llegaron al consenso (extraa cosa hoy en desuso por los polticos) de que cumpliran con lo que el dragn peda.

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