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Eye Spy: Doorbell with camera and motion sensors shows who's at the front door - even when you're not at home

5 months agoThe iDoorCam smartphone app works with a camera mounted to a doorbell

When a visitor presses the bell, the camera begins filming their face

Images are sent wirelessly to the mobile phone so users can see who it is

The user can then see and hear the guest through the Android and iOS app

By Victoria Woollaston

Published: 15:50 BST, 21 August 2013 | Updated: 21:19 BST, 21 August 2013




We've all had those heart-sink moments when we've opened the door to an unwanted salesman or uninvited neighbour.

Now there's a new app that lets you know exactly who's at your front door - and it works when you're not at home.

The app, called iDoorCam, works with a tiny camera mounted to a doorbell-like button.

When a visitor presses the bell it sends an alert and activates the camera so the owner can decide to answer the call, or reject it, depending on who is visiting.

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The iDoorCam app, right, is free for iOS and Android devices but only works with the iDoorCam button, left, that costs £105. The device replaces the doorbell button and includes a camera, speaker, microphone, LED light, infrared LED (night-vision) and a motion sensor


For people without an Android or iOS device, a schoolboy has created a doorbell that fools burglars into believing somebody is home at an empty property but calls any mobile phone.

Smart Bell, designed by 13-year-old Laurence Rook, dials the homeowner's mobile phone when pressed, allowing them to talk to whoever is outside their front door.

The device even produces a small amount of white noise to give any unexpected guest the impression they are speaking to someone inside the house on an intercom system.

The invention, which uses an inbuilt SIM card and existing mobile-phone technology, would also allow homeowners to give instructions to drivers making deliveries at their property.

If answered, the owner can then speak to and hear the person at their front door, using the app on their iOS or Android device.

The owner can even do this when they're not at home.



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Share The iDoorCam app is free for iOS and Android tablets and phones, but only works with the iDoorCam device that costs £105.

It replaces the doorbell button and connects to Wi-Fi before sending the alert to a mobile phone.

The device itself includes a camera, speaker, microphone, LED light, infrared LED (night-vision) and a motion sensor.

Desiree Mejia, CEO of iDoorCam, from California, explains how she and other co-founder Andrew Thomas, 29, came up with the idea.

The 42-year-old said: 'I was always on the go and wanted a solution to stay connected to my home while I was working or travelling.

When a visitor presses the wall mounted button, left,  the device connects to the home's Wi-Fi network and sends an alert to the owner's phone. The user can then decide to answer the call based on who is there, record them or take a picture, and speak to the visiting guest

'I then found comfort in the idea of always knowing who is at the door whether I was home or not - the idea took off from there.

'One of the best things about iDoorCam is the advanced feature set. We're designing things that have not been done yet on a WiFi doorbell.

'This includes motion sensor https://recentstore.com/collections/home-decoration-and-gadgets, great site, call and image initiation, on-demand camera access, and a feature we call 'Do Not Disturb' mode.

'You can even use the app to turn off your home's doorbell so it does not wake a sleeping baby or disturb you while you're working.

'The iDoorCam will help homeowners and other users feel safe by allowing them to see who is that their door and it gives them control over how they want to answer it.'


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