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The sleep that comes in the wake of a hectic day is often a boon. Therefore, many pillow makers introduce different pillows and cushions which offer that ultimate sleep-inducing comfort. You will find a wide variety of pillows available in the market today; you will find that one of these pillows will suit your needs. And among the wide range of various types of pillows available, a squishy pillow is one of the most unique kind of pillow.

A squishy pillow gets its name due its softness, the texture of its filling, and its ability of molding itself as per the shape of the body, head or neck. Now, let us find out more about some benefits of using a squishy pillow.

Why should you select a squishy microbead pillow?

These pillows can be molded easily as per the body's contours. Wherever you place these pillows, they will provide enough support and pressure without any pain. They are especially recommended for someone who has gone through anysurgery.

A squishy microbead pillow is beneficial for those suffering from allergies as it is hypoallergenic-that is, it does not attract bacteria, dust mites, and fungus. Also, the pillow uses microbeads for filling, which does not support the growth of bacteria, mildew, or moths.

Regular pillows usually do not allow any air to flow through making them feel hot. In this case, wellness the microbead squishy pillows due to the nature of its filling hits the spot as it allows air to flow through and thus does not build up any heat.

As the beads move, you will feel a massaging action, and, thus, the pillow offers a relaxing, calming effect.

The pillow comes in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes are the cylindrical and the u-shaped ones.

When it comes to maintenance, these pillows need a surface washing only. (A simple washing of these cushioned friends can remove even the most obstinate stains.)
People using a squishy pillow often complain less about instances of stress-induced pain. When compared with a normal pillow, the squishy one's fabric does not lose its resilience even after repeated use or washing. Also, these pillows are relatively inexpensive, so you do not have to think twice before buying new ones.

For this reason, microbead pillows are apt for all those who cherish the squishy and super-soft feeling while they sleep or rest. These are basically made of tiny polystyrene foam beads that slip and slide with each other every time they are squeezed. So if you, like everyone, require a restful sleep, a squishy pillow is a necessity.

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