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The maxilla support the upper row of teeth. Mandible support the lower row of teeth.

What bones support the teeth and surroundinf tissue?
You have the maxilla bone to support the upper teeth. You have the mandible to support the lower teeth.

What two bones support your teeth?
Maxilla ( top) and mandible (bottom)

Why are teeth not bones?
No, teeth aren't bones.

What is in teeth and bones?
calcium are your bones and teeth

Will anorexia mess up teeth?
It can. Lack of nutrition can cause teeth decay, as not enough nutrients are in the body to support healthy bone (teeth are bones) growth.

Is teeth have bones too?
Yes. Teeth are actually bones!

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of teeth?
Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and periodontitis is the infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth. I have never heard of the teeth themselves actually becoming inflammed.

Are teeth have a bone?
No teeth are not bones

Does lemon juice effect teeth and bones?
yes. it deterierates the teeth and bones

What is the percentage of body's calcium is stored in teeth and bones?
98% in bones and teeth

Are teeth made out of egg shells?
No. Teeth are bones. Bones are not made out of eggshells.

What organ system are the teeth part of?
Teeth are not organs, they are bones. I do not know if that helps a lot, but I do know that teeth are bones.

A major element found in the teeth and bones of vertebrates?
Calcium and magnesium are both found in the teeth and bones of vertebrates. Both of these elements are essential for strong bones and teeth. A deficiency in either one can cause weaker bones and teeth.

Are chicken bones made of the same things as teeth?
No. Teeth are made of dentin, dental pulp and enamel. Bones are made of calcium. Teeth are not the same as bones.

Do people have hair on their teeth?
No,because teeth are bones,people don't have hair on their bones.

A meneral that builds bones and teeth?
Calcium (Ca) is that mineral which builds bones and teeth.

Why is teeth white?
Because your teeth is made out of the same material as your bones is made and your bones are White But I do not know why your bones are White.

Which of the following traits support advanced flight capabilities in modern birds?
absence of teeth, honeycombed bones, and acute sight

Why is milk the best food to build bones and teeth?
because it has calcium in it which is good for our bones and teeth.

Which nutrient keeps your bones and teeth strong?
Calcium, such as milk, keeps your bones and teeth strong.

What is stronger Bones or teeth?
Type your answer here... the teeth

What is the use of calcium?
Calcium makes bones and teeth strong as it is like the enamel coating your teeth and https://recentstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/foldable-shapeable-body-stabilization-aid (simply click Recentstore) bones.

How do ultraviolet telescopes rays help your teeth and bones?
it gives you rays that help your bones and teeth grow

Are the teeth an organ?
No teeth are actually a bone but, they call bones in your mouth teeth.

What do these bones do?
These bones support your body.

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