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imageAs a prestige brand, Daikin air conditioner company always apply modern technology towards fresh and friendly living space. It is because of the great value of life, Daikin air conditioner is quite popular in homes or apartments. In the process of using this device, what is the problem, then you should immediately think of the need to repair the air conditioner.
Failure to repair the air conditioner
The following are the warning signs that need to repair Daikin air conditioner:
- Air conditioning turned on but not running
- The compressor is too hot
- Power consumption too much
- Drainage in the house
- The outdoor fan is stuck
- The compressor and the staging fan stopped working
- Missed or out of gas
- When running the air conditioner emits noise
- Air conditioner works abnormally
Address Daikin air conditioning repair at home in Hanoi
Your family's Daikin air conditioner is faulty and you are looking for a reputable air conditioning repair company. Please contact the Center for Electro Refrigeration for our staff to find out about the problem and how to fix it. With the experience and mua dieu hoa cu an phuc combined with specialized equipment, the technician will complete the repair within a short time. After repair, make sure your air conditioner is working properly.
With 6 facilities in the district in Hanoi, Bach Khoa Refrigeration aims to serve more and more customers in the city. If you call the center, we will send a skilled worker to your home within 30 minutes. The professional and thoughtful service has helped the center become the home of many families.
Refrigeration - the cheapest air-conditioning repair center in Hanoi
Air-conditioner repair service at Bach Khoa Refrigeration is not only of good quality but also the most affordable and cheapest in Hanoi. The center is committed to getting the disease right and offering a resolution. During the repair process, if you need to replace the components, the staff will report back to you and with your agreement we will replace the genuine parts.
Besides Daikin air conditioning repair service, Bach Khoa Refrigeration also receives regular air conditioning maintenance service to keep the family's appliances running well and with long life. Come to us to experience the best service with the cheapest price in Hanoi!

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