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The Federal Government in the year 2009 has announced a vast stimulus package. This has come with President Barack Obama's recovery act for the home owners to save their homes from being foreclosed. 1 trillion towards this package. · This package has several grants that are available to all US citizens irrespective of their credit scores. You can use these personal loans & grants to save your home. This tip is particularly helpful for those home owners who are going through a short term financial constraints. · This scheme has taken up the strategy of loan modifications to save the homes. As President Obama explains, 'the earlier loan modifications failed as the monthly payments did not reduce in real terms. They were more or less similar all through the drill. Now we have laid a focus on affordability.' Now the modified mortgage monthly payments cannot exceed 31% of the gross monthly income of the borrower. Also, the total of all credit payments like credits cards, car, home, etc. cannot exceed 55% of the total pre-tax income of the borrower. · Specials tax credits and loans are also available for the first time home & car buyers. · The home owners who cannot afford the expensive private counselors can now seek for good professional help from the counselors appointed by the US Federal Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD). They charge you nothing and help you better than the private counselors.

Prior to the declaration of President's Day, Washington's Birthday was observed on February 22 which is known as the actual birth date of the George Washington, the first president of the United States. The day is observed across the America with different names and titles which includes Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, President's Day, Birthday of Washington and Lincoln and many more as per the laws of respective states of the USA. The Presidents is observed between February 15th and 21st every year depending on the third Monday in the month. The day is prominently known as the Presidents' Day, Washington's Birthday, George Washington's Birthday, Presidents Day and many more with different versions of the titles and celebrations of the respective states. However, the key element which keeps it entirely collective and together is the fact that the federal holiday is famous under the name of Presidents Day. Every year, the day become a major time when natives feel patriotic and remember the great things that are done by the previous and present presidents of the United States. Though, the number of activities and celebrations are limited due to being a federal holiday, but there are plenty of things that can be observed across the USA. Presidents Day has become a great time for companies to throw many fantastic deals and irresistible offers to the customers and giving them the reason to shop till they drop. There are many galas and events organized across the USA especially in the capital and people love to travel to witness these amazing celebrations on this auspicious occasion.

However, not all international agreements are considered treaties under US domestic law, even if they are considered treaties under international law. Congress has passed laws authorizing the president to conclude executive agreements without action by the Senate. Similarly, the president may make congressional-executive agreements with the approval of a simple majority in each House of Congress, rather than a two-thirds majority in the Senate. However, courts have upheld the validity of such agreements. The Constitution empowers the House of Representatives to impeach federal officials for "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors" and empowers the Senate to try such impeachments. If the sitting president of the United States is being tried, the chief justice of the United States presides over the trial. During an impeachment trial, senators are constitutionally required to sit on oath or affirmation. Conviction requires a two-thirds majority of the senators present. A convicted official is automatically removed from office; in addition, the Senate may stipulate that the defendant be banned from holding office. No further punishment is permitted during the impeachment proceedings; however, the party may face criminal penalties in a normal court of law.

The House of Representatives has impeached sixteen officials, of whom seven were convicted. Under the Twelfth Amendment, the Senate has the power to elect the vice president if no vice presidential candidate receives a majority of votes in the Electoral College. The Twelfth Amendment requires the Senate to choose from the two candidates with the highest numbers of electoral votes. Electoral College deadlocks are rare. The Senate has only broken a deadlock once; in 1837, it elected Richard Mentor Johnson. The House elects the president if the Electoral College deadlocks on that choice. The independent senators, Angus King (I-ME) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), caucus with the Democrats. Amar, Vik D. (January 1, 1988). "The Senate and the Constitution". The Yale Law Journal. 97 (6): 1111-1130. doi:10.2307/796343. Stewart, Charles; Reynolds, Mark (January 1, 1990). "Television Markets and U.S. Senate Elections". Legislative Studies Quarterly. 15 (4): 495-523. doi:10.2307/439894. Richard L. Berke (September 12, 1999). "In Fight for Control of Congress, Tough Skirmishes Within Parties".

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