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The investors across the globe are showing greater interests, for producing investments in gas and oil sector. Most capitalists are aware of the risks involved in the gas and oil investment trade, even though they invest because of the profit obtained from these two spheres are high. Recently the president of China National Offshore Oil Corporation articulated that, the oil company is planning to invest a great deal of money for stepping up the production of oil and natural gas, in the forthcoming years. A couple of pipelines in Dalian owned by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation were exploded earlier and caused a huge damage to the fishing industry. This was the flashing gas and oil news across the world and the city government will recompense the losses occurred to the fishing industry. Tremendous amount of oil was discharged into the Yellow Sea and many gas and oil news reporters said that, the amount of oil ejected was 50 to 60 times more than the calculated one. According the calculations made by the environmentalists, the oil pipeline explosion had lead to a substantial loss and damaged the environment severely. Shell Oil Company, leading gas and oil manufacturing company in the United States recently reported that increasing demand in the oil and natural gas will raise the prices of these products.

Where is the Republican who will say that this war is a lie based upon a lie? There weren't any terrorists with WMD willing to act against the U.S. Iraq. There ARE in other countries but not Iraq. What happened to Republican prudence? Needless violence is the reason why I can't be a Republican. I am an American Buddhist and a recovering catholic and there is no way I can support any politician who condones capital punishment. Many old testament Christians, who like to forget about the legacy and teachings of Jesus Christ, believe that capital punishment is justified in the Bible. The irony is that Jesus Christ was capitally punished to death by the Romans and the Jews. Jesus specifically and numerously spoke against capital punishment and only the blind Christians like Pat Robertson forget it. Capital punishment kills innocent and usually poor black and white people. It only causes more problems for society to deal with: the dead father, mother, son, brother, and friend. I can't be a Republican.

Many American Christians find it easy to justify war. The act of war is the closest humans can come to evil and Satan himself. War only begets more and more violence and it has never solved any problems, it has only created more. Yet American Christians still think war in Iraq is the right thing to do mostly because they don't fully understand who they've sent our poor off to fight. War destroys human relationship and penalizes the poor and the hungry on both sides. The war in Iraq has not solved one problem it has only created 101,200 more problems for the father and mother, brother and sister, friend and family member of those who have been killed, injured and maimed. I can't be a Republican. George W. Bush's win in 2004 was not the beginning of the end for Democrats, it was the beginning of the end for Republicans. George W. Bush won by the smallest majority of any President in the history of the United States. That is not a mandate and it is not indicative of the need by Democrats to radically alter their image so that it appears like they represent values. The democratic party has always been the party of values and principle. Why won't those in the Republican party understand that the battle that is taking place today is one against extremism and fundamentalism and you don't have to be a Muslim to be guilty of it. I want fiscal responsibility. I want equality for all men. I want prudence and I want peace. I want to be a Republican.

Lieutenant Scott Tucker, of Pelham, Ala., recently retired from the department where he had served for several years. Although his career wasn’t the longest in the force’s history, he made a lasting impression with citizens and professionals in the city. Earlier this September, Tucker’s official retirement was announced, with Tucker moving on to pursue other opportunities. Tucker’s presence was felt not only in the police force he helped lead, but also throughout the city, as he had built for himself a reputation of being accessible, accommodating, kind and professional. Neal Wagner, city editor at the Pelham Reporter, wrote a Sept. 8 column echoing the sentiment that was apparent among those who worked with Tucker: He’ll be missed. Police department staff members are known for being overwhelmed with paperwork and other duties and for being brisk with reporters, especially in the midst of ongoing investigations of crimes. Wagner said that crime in Pelham during Tucker’s service largely happened at night, and Tucker usually worked the afternoon and evening shifts every day. When breaking news happened. Pelham Reporter staff called the police department for comment, and Wagner said, "Whenever I heard Tucker pick up the other line, I knew I was going to be able to get all the information I needed quickly. When criminal incidents do occur, people want to know details to ease the fear that lies in uncertainty. Want to learn more about lieutenants like Scott Tucker?

You are the president of your own nation, and it is called "Imagination". This particular nation is the driving force behind your life and is the underlying factor for your future. You need to realize that you have an enormous responsibility as the President of this Nation, because you need to always focus on the future and strive to have the ultimate nation. You need to internalize the power you have as the President of your own nation. Among many things that you have is the power to choose and/or consider. You are the one who holds the votes on who is allowed to live in your nation! As I have written about in the past, you must create and begin to maximize your mastermind team. This team will empower you to build an unreal imagination and make others wonder why you are achieving such an awesome level of success.

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