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Engage to Excel: Producing One Million Additional College Graduates with Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Economic projections point to a need for approximately 1 million more STEM professionals than the U.S. To meet this goal, the United States will need to increase the number of students who receive undergraduate STEM degrees by about 34% annually over current rates. The title of this report, "Engage to Excel," applies to students, faculty, and leaders in academia, industry, and government. Students must be engaged to excel in STEM fields. To excel as teachers, faculty must engage in methods of teaching grounded in research about why students excel and persist in college. Moreover, success depends on the engagement by great leadership. Leaders, including the President of the United States; college, university and business leadership; and others, must encourage and support the creation of well-aligned incentives for transforming and sustaining STEM learning. They also must encourage and support the establishment of broad-based reliable metrics to measure outcomes in an ongoing cycle of improvement. Transforming STEM education in U.S. The key barriers involve faculty awareness and performance, reward and incentive systems, and traditions in higher education. The recommendations in this report address the most significant barriers and use both tangible resources and persuasion to inspire and catalyze change. Attacking the issue from numerous angles and with various tools is aimed at reaching a point at which the movement will take on a momentum of its own and produce sweeping change that is sustainable without further Federal intervention.

It’s all just retail industry news now, whether it’s about building a flagship store or building a Facebook following. "When comparing social media investment to other emerging technology areas, retailers more than any other industry are making strong investments…successful retailers are integrating their mobile, analytic, and social media strategies into one cohesive business approach. 23 billion in new revenue each year. Same Day Some Day? Speaking of Amazon, as one must when speaking of online retail sales, an item from a few days ago: "Amazon’s move to start collecting sales tax allows it to build distribution centers in major markets. Already the retailer is offering next day delivery, working to make it standard for Amazon prime user members. Not far at all; an even more recent story, right here in our home state: "Amazon’s ability to undercut prices is a tough break. … as part of a plan to open warehouses near populous areas and provide same-day delivery.

Hurrah for Arizona Justice! Daniel Adkins, a 29-year-old unarmed and a mentally slow but lucid male was walking his dog along Baseline Road in Laveen (Phoenix), Arizona at night when a couple pulled out of the drive-thru of a Taco Bell restaurant. Adkins is a White Hispanic male. Jude is a Black 22-year-old man. Does this compare in a topsy-turvy way to the Zimmerman-Martin situation? It does in that an unarmed person was shot in both cases and the Stand Your Ground law has been referenced to keep the shooters free on both accounts. It is similar in that two minorities engaged in activity that ended up with one death, the unarmed one. It does in that both victims of both cases were walking along minding their own business until a gun was pulled, and both shooters claim self-defense. Zimmerman claims Martin swung at him and bashed his head--with bruising. Zimmerman waited too late to stop following Martin before a confrontation ensued.

Zimmerman did stop following Martin I stress. Zimmerman, a private citizen's name was hefted in the news long before he was charged on April 11, 2012? Zimmerman was set free. Jude decided not to pull off while in his car after nearly running Adkins down! Jude claims he was attacked by flying fist and a stick--no bruising. Jude could have driven away from the scene rather than remain and argue with a man of questionable mental comprehension. He did not have to wait until his actions instigated Adkins into punching at him. Jude nearly ran Adkins down! I think Adkins was justifiably upset at this. An important difference between the incidences is a witness. A witness claims that Adkins took a few swings at Jude's window before the shot. Still, why didn't he just drive away? No opportunistic race-baiters are heralding Jude's name and comparing him to the devil or Hitler and such.

If the White Nation or the Ku Klux Klan decided to put a capture request on Jude would it be okay? The president did not speak publicly about Adkins and identify with him personally. And if he did so, who would Adkins be to him? We are still waiting for that presidential statement interfering in Arizona affairs that will never occur! Where are the police video of Jude's injuries and the police reports of his involvement--don't forget the 911 call he made? His girlfriend was in the car with him--a car that could easily have driven away from Adkins. Jude stated that the dog blocked his car path. Apparently, in Jude's mind, it was better to shoot a person than run over a dog in his mind. Also, since this story is so similar to Trayvon and George's, why wasn't it being referenced in national news and spewed back at the thousands of people wearing hoodies?

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