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If you are looking for a new job and still using the old method of newspaper searches and job finding services, then you are missing out on a very valuable resource to help you secure a new one. That valuable resource happens to be the Internet, and more and more businesses are starting to look online for their new employees. Additionally, many of them are accepting resumes and applications on line. By ignoring the computer in your home, you could be missing out on that job of a lifetime. There are numerous places to go online to find job listings. Some areas even have dedicated websites that list the jobs that are in their area. All of these websites give you a great place to start your employment search. When you start to utilize these job websites it is a good idea to use a different one each time you log on.

These job boards move at a regular rate, but not so fast that you need to check it every day. Bookmark the sites and check them every few days to keep up to date with what is going on. Always start with the larger databases first as they are virtual libraries of information and many of them are great recruiting sites for professional jobs. Then you should move on to the smaller websites that are specifically dedicated to your chosen profession or the types of jobs you are looking for. You should check these sites at the beginning of the week and repeat your searches every few days. Additionally these sites can help you find new resources that are specific to the work you do, and you can also search them by company name if you are hoping to get hired with a specific organization. Other places you can look for jobs on line or at least leads to jobs in your chosen field are through social networking sites and blogs that are about your expertise.

You may not always find jobs within your area on these sites, but they can give you some valuable advice from people who frequent them and have been in your shoes. Since many companies now accept resumes online, it’s a good idea to have your resume on your computer so you can e-mail it to the company as soon as possible. Make sure the resume is in plain text format so that you can add it to the text of the e-mail or as an easy to open, virus free attachment. Yes, it will not look very fancy, but the object is to interest your potential employer in your skills and experience and not the type of paper or font you used to prepare it. The Internet is a valuable resource when you are looking for a new job. Don’t forget this valuable asset. It could open a door to a whole new world for you. HomeNetPro is dedicated to helping people find real work at home opportunities and home business ideas.

At one time or another, we have been warned to stay out of office politics-it can be the ruin of a promising career! It is an old warning with a lot of tradition to support it. Company politics has seen its evil days, but the day when close-knit groups resented each other in general and all ambitious newcomers in particular is drawing to a close. Most people are recognizing that such intramural skirmishing for prestige and influence did the groups no good while greatly impairing the productivity of the company. It does not matter whether it is private industry, government agency, educational institution or some other kind of organized work situation. When people get along together, production rises; when they do not, it falls. Politics-good or bad-is inescapable. If people are not talking about their work at the drinking fountain, during a coffee break, or at lunch, they just do not care, and that is bad.

Company politics is here to stay. To close your ears to it is not to remove yourself from politics but from the company. How else are you going to know what is going on? And if you do not know what is going on in the company, how are you to know where you are going? If you follow three simple rules, playing good company politics will be easy, informative and rewarding. Say something interesting or constructive about your work. Say something good about your boss, supervisor, or company policy-with sincerity. Keep on doing a good job. If you cannot do those three things after a month or two on the job, if your work is so dull and the company so uninteresting, you are in the wrong job. Start looking for a different one now! Private life and work are both parts of you as a whole human being.

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