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imageid="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> The Arlo Audio Doorbell ($70 at Amazon) costs $80. I know it sounds like a steal since most smart doorbells cost about $200, but limited features and some unexpected extra costs ultimately make it hard to recommend to most. 

As its name suggests, the Audio Doorbell is an audio-only device; there's no built-in camera. You'll still get a push alert when the doorbell's motion sensor detects activity -- or if someone rings the bell -- but you can only speak to them. You can't see them.

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You have to buy a separate Arlo, Arlo Pro ($193 at Amazon) or Arlo Pro 2 ($147 at Amazon) cam to add that video component and one Pro 2 camera costs $220. And, even if you don't want an Arlo camera to accompany your Audio Doorbell, the $80 Arlo Base Station is required for the buzzer to work. The doorbell and the Base Station alone take the price up to $160; add in the camera and it's a whopping $380.

The price gets even higher if you decide to run your doorbell on two AA batteries rather than the hardwired option, since you'd need the $50 Arlo Chime to hear your doorbell ring like it would if you had a mechanical or digital doorbell chime already in your home decoration. The Chime accessory moves the price tag over $400 to get the functionality of one regular smart doorbell. (Again, most connected buzzers cost about $200 total.)

If you already use Arlo cameras and the base station that comes with them, you'd only need the doorbell (and possibly the Chime accessory) to have a fully functioning smart doorbell. That might be worthwhile, especially since the doorbell itself and the related Arlo app perform just fine. 

Everyone else should look for an all-in-one smart doorbell from competitors like Nest, Ring, August or SkyBell.

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