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imageA .torrent file is not an audio file.

iPods cannot play .torrent files.

Can you play torrent music on iPod Nano?
Haha, OK so you need to know what a torrent file is, don't you? That .torrent file that you downloaded doesn't have any music in it. Google, "how do download a torrent"

Where may an individual torrent audio books?
Individuals can torrent audio books on websites such as The Pirate Bay. Keep in mind, however, that a peta jensen torrent of copyrighted material is illegal and should not be done.

Can you play torrent movies on ipod nano?
Yes u just need to have them in mp4 you can download them directly in mp4,you can also rip dvd's and put them in mp4 and then on ipod

Can you watch movies on the iPod shuffle?
No but you can listen to the audio if you break it down to just the audio. And the Ipod shuffle doesnt have a screen.

Which CD player is best for audio books?
Any CD player that has good sound quality should play audio books well. You can also listen to them on apps on an iPod device that offer audio books.

Is there a way to stream wireless audio to my iPod?
Wireless audio can be streamed to an iPod by using the Airfoil speaker system. You must have an iPod or an iPhone, the Airfoil system which is around $25.00, and a computer that will play Spotify. The Airfoil system is cheaper than other systems and it is fairly easy to set up.

How To Downgrade your iPod Touch?
You first have to download a torrent of the version of firmware you want, and then you can install it onto your iPod touch

Can you torrent iPod apps?
No clue... Give it try. Warning: This is illegal!

How can one repair an iPod station?
iPod stations are used to allow an iPod to play audio files. Repair places may include Apple, electronic repair stores, and the manufacturer of the station, if it is different than Apple.

How do you get a torrent file to play?
You don't play a torrent file. A torrent file is simply a file containing information about one or several files. Use a torrent client such as uTorrent, Azureus Vuze or Bitcomet to open a .torrent file and the client will download the files you are looking for.

How can I convert my audio files to iPod Audio Formats?
Download and install an iPod cconverter. Google: free ipod converter. Jodix offers a free converter for iPod. It's the one I use. Very user friendly and it works.

Do any turntables allow you to connect a Ipod?
Yes, take a look at the ION Audio LPDOCK USB Turntable with iPod Dock. It will allow you to dock your iPod and play songs directly from the iPod's memory, in addition to conventional records.

What can you connect the audio in and audio out lines on the ipod nano to?
The audio outs should go to a AUDIO IN on your stereo system. You might need audio adapters to make the easy.

Where can you watch friends episodes on your ipod touch?
itunes or youtube and torrent websites

Are torrent files iPod compatible?
.torrent files are not "anything"-compatible. Their sole purpose is to instruct a BitTorrent client on what tracker to connect to to download the files you actually want. They contain very little data themselves, and nothing that you could play, watch, or read.

Can you plug an ipod into your 2007 buick lucerne?
Of course you can. Run an audio cable like for your PC speakers from the audio jack on the Lucerne to your iPod. All done!

What is the Different between MP3 and Ipod?
.mp3 is a file system of an audio sound file, which is `compressed' by an algorythm. An Ipod is a type of audio player made by Apple.

How to play torrent games?
You do not play a torrent. You download a torrent using a torrent client. Then once it downloads it will most likely be in a archive or .iso file. Extract the archive or mount the .iso. In the archive, if there is an .iso file, mount it, if there is a installer, run it.

Can you play iPod apps on a computer?
iPod apps are made to play on an iPod and will not play on a computer.

How do you play an iPod in a Hyundai Santa Fe?
If you have the factory installed Monsoon stero, you cannot. Must must but a new stereo that has an audio jack.

Where can I buy an iPod car adapter?
Apple - Learn about iPod accessories for home, car, and on the go website the accessories you need to take your iPod on the road, to the party, ... Shop car accessories at the Apple Online Store ... Apple USB Power Adapter ... Cables

Where can you download English audio tracks?
As of May 2014 there are several places where you can download English audio tracks. Locations include Ntrack, En Softonic, and Torrent.

How can you play HTML 5 audio on ios safari?
The audio tag can be used to play audio in HTML5. This audio tag was introduced in HTML5 only.

How do you play a torrent game?
Torrent is a type of download. You have to download the torrent file and open it up with a special torrent download program. The torrent file, when opened, will initiate the download of the actual game. Be aware than in most cases torrent downloaded games are illegal copies.

What is an audio splitter?
An audio splitter is used to enable 2 people to listen to, like, the same iPod simultaneously.

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