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The cartilage helps cushion and reduce friction in the joint.

imageWhy is cartilage slow to heal?
Because it is sensative cartilage in your ear, and its one of those weak spots

What is caritlage?
Cartilage is the strong, yet flexible connective tissue that's mainly found in your nose, ears, knee, rib cage, ankle, elbow, bronchial tubes, joints, and intervertebral discs. (that's why those parts of your body can bend easily).

Is it imposible to lick your elbo?
No, it is not impossible to lick your elbow. I am one of those special people and can lick there elbow. I am not sure how it is possible but I know that you can.

Are there nerve endings in your elbow?
Yes, there are approximently five nerve endings in your elbow. but those are just the basics. If you would like to know all of the nerves in your elbow i would go ask a doctor.

What are the functions of cartilage?
Cartilage acts as a cushion between joints, to prevent the bones from rubbing against each other (such as the cartilage in the knees and elbows) and also reduces friction in the joint with movement. It also holds some bones together, such as rib cartilage. Cartilage also forms bone when you are growing - the ends of your long bones (arm and leg bones) are formed of cartilage when you are young, and this gradually changes...

What is the structure connects the humerus and the radius and ulna?
Those bones meet at the elbow joint.

What does openoffice 3.2.1 draw do?
It performs similar functions to those in Microsoft's Paint program.

Is it possible to get tennis elbows from not playing tennis?
Tennis Elbow is caused by overuse of the muscles in your forearm, and those surrounding your elbow. It is often caused by sports like tennis and racquetball, but can also be caused by other activities. Activities that require use of those muscles, such as gardening, using scissors or swimming can also cause Tennis Elbow.

What type of organism performs photosynthesis?
i think only those trees that have chlorophyles can perform photosyntesis ...

What risks are there of cartilage piercing?
When using a piercing gun (such as those they use at Claires) the collapse of your ear cartilage is a possibility. Also, with any piercing, there is the chance of infection if not cleaned properly as instructed by your piercer.

Is there a cure for tennis elbow?
The only real cure for tennis elbow is to amputate your arm.. just kidding, The best way to help tennis elbow is to give it rest, apply pressure (possibly look into buying one of those bubble bands), and ice if it is in pain. However, if you refuse to mend your elbow, you may have no other choice than surgery.

Is the larynx made of 9 plates of cartilage?
Yes there is 9 plates of cartilage in the Larynx. 3 of those are in pairs and the other 3 are individual. The 3 pairs are : Arytenoid, Corniculate, and cunieform. = 6 The 3 individuals are : Thyroid, Cricoid, and epiglottis. = 3 Which makes 9 plates of cartilage

What happens to cartlage as a person grows?
if by cartlage, you actually mean "CARTILAGE" as in the tissue in the human body, then the answer to that is as a person grows, cartilage gradually disappears in long bones (meaning the bones of your arms and legs) because as a baby, your whole bone is actually cartilage, but bone forming cells called osteocytes begin to grow and form bone tissue and gradually it grows in the place of cartilage, so cartilage disappears in...

How do you lick your elbow without breaking your arm?
There are very few people in the world with the ability to lick their own elbow. Those who can are either double jointed or have arms that are disproportionate to their bodies. If you lack the ability to lick your own elbow now, then there is no way for you to gain that ability other than breaking your arm (which is not recommended).

What type of cartilage lines the trachea?
Hyaline cartilage. These are marked (under microscope of HE stain) by their translucent appearance with rounded cells (sometimes they also appear to be shaped like one of those Japanese triangular rice balls).

What does it mean for a cell to be specialized?
It means that the cell performs specific functions and only those specific functions. Hope this helps!

What is a labrum tare?
A labrum tare, or labral tear for those who speak English, is an injury to the cartilage of the hip or shoulder joint.

What population groups tend to get tennis elbow?
People at risk for tennis elbow are those in occupations that require strenuous or repetitive forearm movement. Such jobs include mechanics or carpentry. Sport activities that require individuals to twist the hand, wrist, and forearm.

Is it true that your nose never stops growing?
Yes! Your nose is cartilage along with your ears. Those will never stop growing as long as you live.

What is the best exercise for an arm that has screws and plates holding the elbow together?
As a person who has undergone extensive elbow surgeries, I can tell you that any sort of arm strengthening workouts will be good for you if they are light weight and modified so that they don't strain your elbow. Dumbbell curls, tricep extensions, and variations of those moves are all good in light weight when trying to regain strength in the arm.

Is the fingernail proximal to the elbow?
No, the fingernail is distal to the elbow. Imagine a body standing with arms and legs spread out, like Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. To determine if a part is distal or proximal to another part, look to see if it is closer or farther from the center of the body relative to the body part you are comparing it to. The fingernail is farther from the center of the body than the elbow, so it...

What is the endoskeleton made of?
It provides structure, support, and helps with movement. An endoskeleton is usually made of cartilage and bone, but some endoskeletons, such as those of sharks, contain only cartilage. Bones are made of calcium carbonate, which is why consuming the nutrient calcium gives people strong bones.

Why does the trachea have cartilage but the esophagus does not?
the esophagus does not for easily intake of food. trachea needs cartilage to keeps it open for air to go in. if trachea did not have those rings to keep it in shape and we were laying on the bed, then the trachea would close because it has no support to keep it open and we would not be able to breath.

What kinds of ear piercings does Claires do?
It's mostly ear lobe and if you are trying to pierce somewhere else like your cartilage I would suggest a tattoo and piercing shop because Claires uses piercing guns and those can shatter your cartilage and cause nasty infections because of it

How long should you wear earrings after getting a cartilage piercing?
It typically takes 8-12 weeks for a cartilage piercing to heal. But you should never go more than a few hours without any type of jewelry, those piercings typically close pretty fast.

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