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It's quite common for people to wake up with a stiff and painful neck from time to time. But, if neck pain has become a daily companion, then it may be time for you to switch to a new pillow. That's right: your neck problems are likely to be caused by the wrong pillow. In this case, choosing the right pillow is, of course, the best solution to your problem.

To determine whether your pillow is in need of replacement, ask yourself these questions: Do your pillows look stiff and flat? Do you need to pound your pillows into shape in order to get comfortable at night? Is your sleep interrupted during the night with the need to repeatedly "fluff" your pillow into shape? Do you wake up every morning with a stiff neck and shoulder pain? Do you constantly wake up with a slight headache? Is your pillow so old that you can't even remember when and where you bought it?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, anti-stress then your pillows is definitely in need of replacement! After all, the first step towards eliminating neck pain is providing adequate support to your shoulders and neck during sleep. That is also one of the most effective ways for you to get a good night's sleep. Orthopedic pillows may be your best bet for this purpose.

When we say you need to replace your old pillow, we don't just mean that you have to go to a department store and buy a brand-new standard pillow. That probably won't solve your neck pain problems. For more lasting relief from shoulder and neck pain, you will need an orthopedic pillow. This pillow is especially designed to provide the necessary support for your shoulders and neck. You'll also sleep better as a result. There is a wide variety of orthopedic pillows available in the market. You'll have to be sure that the one you choose provides ample support to your neck, effectively cushions your head, and helps you maintain the right posture even in sleep.

The most popular type of orthopedic pillow is the one with raised and rounded edges. Its best feature is the special contour that conforms to the natural curve of your neck. This contour helps ensure that neck pain is alleviated and adequate support is provided. Orthopedic pillows are made from a variety of different materials, including memory foam, buckwheat hulls, water, and air. You may need to try orthopedic pillows made from different materials to find the one that suits you best.

Here's an important tip: You may need some time adjusting to your new orthopedic pillow. That said, you may feel the need to switch to your old pillow for a few hours during the first few nights of using an orthopedic pillow. As soon as you get used to your orthopedic pillow and are able to finally get a more restful sleep with it, you can say goodbye to your old pillow for good. And while you're at it, you can definitely say goodbye to neck pain as well.

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