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Simply put a selfie stick is one lengthy pole for holding smartphones when taking photos of oneself. In the absence of a selfie stick, you will find it difficult to even just include your face (forget about any background) in camera's frame. Selfie stick enables you to distance the lens from your face, thus allowing you to include background or any additional person/item in the frame. Though the idea of using selfie ticks originated in China nearly 2 years ago, it is used worldwide now. Well, many find the device of great help because of the flexibility it provides to the user but others see it as egotistic and obtrusive.

Selfie sticks are generally associated with present generation, using latest digital devices but man has always been interested in its own photos. You may have heard that Ancient Greek story wherein Narcissus got so enthralled by his own image, appearing the water's surface in a pond that he fell into it only to get drowned therein.

As the technology of photography developed, so did the idea of making self portraits. During 1839, nearly ten years after developing the first ever photograph, Robert Cornelius, using a daguerreotype camera prepared what is questionably the first selfie produced worldwide. He used a copper plate covered with silver for the purpose.

With advent of devices like tripods and self timer, the technique of taking self portraits developed further. It was during 2002 that 'Hopey', a man from Australia coined the term 'selfie' for some online forum. Now that we have tablet and smartphones, it has become very convenient to take selfies. Nevertheless, taking really superior selfies require some practice, if not anything more.

To sum up, we can conclude that selfie has been here since long and it won't be wrong to say that selfie sticks are not novel really. A device quite similar to the modern selfie stick got developed during 1983 by efforts of an engineer named Hirohi Ueda, a buff of family photography, working with Minolta.

When somebody stole his camera in Europe, Hirohi determined to make his way for taking snaps of the entire family without seeking help from strangers who could vanish with cameras. He developed and patented what he called an 'Extender Stick.' Unfortunately he achieved it before its time had come. It failed in the market while in 2003 his patent got expired. Another inventor, named Wayne Fromm produced similar device and named it as 'Quik Pod' during 2005. The design of most present day manufacturers of selfie sticks is an adaption of 'Quik Pod', though selfies initially became most popular in China.

Now, we find people all over the world making frequent use of selfie sticks while visiting tourist sites. Yet, there are many who find the device unwieldy, while other are of the opinion that it is intrusive and narcissistic. Nevertheless, selfie sticks continue to be helpful and are expected to be with us for many years.

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