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You no longer need to ask strangers to take your photos.

imageYou may be familiar with the request, "Excuse me, can you please take our group picture?"

This is a request that nearly all tourists (including me) ask at least once in our lifetime when we would like to have a group photo taken as a remembrance. Remember that this is just one group photo. (You cannot go around asking for assistance every time you like to take a photo or group photo (lol)).

A selfie stick lets you take a group photo with ease, without needing to request for help. Doesn't that sound amazing? This means to say that you can always take group pictures wherever and whenever you want (except at places that have a No Taking Photos sign).

All are included in the group photo.

As earlier mentioned, if one of your companions has to take the picture, he/she will not be included in the picture so it is not fair for him/her. If you take turns in taking pictures, the group picture will never be complete since one will always be excluded.

While you can use a tripod to take group pictures, it comes with a lot of disadvantages.

A group photo is meant to have everybody included. This is how all of us want it to be. Otherwise, taking group photos wouldn't have any meaning.

You won't need a tripod.

This camera holder has three legs and is often used during photo shoot sessions.

Why should you choose a selfie stick instead of a monopod?

It is too wearisome to bring along a tripod (when the purpose of your trip is to enjoy). In addition, you have to spend a lot more on a tripod as compared to a selfie stick. It is difficult to adjust the angle of a photo shooting session while a selfie stick is comparatively more flexible.

Due to the aforementioned complexities, it is better to use a selfie stick over a tripod when it comes to vacations and outings.

Minimize shakiness when taking selfies.

One valid reason why some selfies turn out to be blurred is because you cannot keep your hands in a steady position while taking pictures. This is just normal.

Once you use a selfie stick to hold your smartphone or camera, you will realize that it is an amazing gadget since it minimizes the shakiness of your hand.

Your smarphone or camera will not easily slip off your hand.

The worst thing that could happen is you accidentally drop your precious smartphone or camera while taking selfies. I am lucky that this tragic incident has never happened to me but I want to prevent this scenario in every possible way.

There is nothing to fear when you are using a selfie stick since it will clamp and hold your smartphone or camera firmly in place.

Always remember to regularly check your selfie stick to see if it is still in good condition.

Not sure where to buy a Gopro selfie stick ? Or maybe you are interested in a Dicota selfie stick ? We can help you either way - come and check our online store!

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