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-text c-gray-1" >The New York Times has run an incredibly detailed piece about a feat of Google search engine gaming which seems to have been done by or for JC Penney. What they found was that thousands of links had been placed on what were essentially spam sites all over the web, resulting in the retailer ruling the Google juice for terms such as "little black dress," and even super generic ones like "rugs" and "bedding." This is one of the dreaded kinds of 'black hat' optimization that Google frowns upon, because it's so obviously cheating, and it's punishable by a massive sinking of the offending site's ranking in results (which is, of course, not the desired effect). We won't bore you with SEO basics -- we're pretty sure you've got those down already -- but suffice to say that The Times noticed that the retailer was at the top of Google's search results for many more terms than seemed possible or natural, so they started to do some digging.

During his time at Yahoo, he copied sexually explicit photos and videos without permission and stored the data at his home, the Department of Justice said in a Monday statement.  Ruiz worked at Yahoo for more than 10 years and left the company in 2018, according to CNET sister site ZDNet.  His roles reportedly included a position as a reliability engineer for the company's Yahoo Mail service.

iFLYTEK, China's top voice recognition supplier, is among the more than 4,500 companies attending the mammoth tech show. It's also the only one that's also on the US government's "Entity List."  In January, the company boasted it has 70 percent of China's speech industry market share. 

When setting up an Android, you'll instead be presented with a screen where you'll be asked to select a search engine from a range of options. Google Google will prompt Android owners in Europe to choose their own search engine starting next year, according to announcement made by the company on Friday in a blog post.

The company isn't providing more details (lest it help those trying to game the system), so just get all of those gratuitous Justin Bieber references out of your system before Friday, okay? Mountain View's data centers will exclude sites that offer no useful content, have articles written in keyword-sprinkled gibberish or only link to sites within a cluster. If the computers find it, the site's pagerank will be demoted, with the company expecting to affect around three percent of all English language queries when it goes live later this week. Google's changing its search algorithm to punish sites that emphasize search-engine optimization over quality.

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The new choice screen will ensure everyone setting up an Android phone in future is making an active choice about which search engine to use. On Friday, the company showed a screenshot of a screen you'll soon be presented with when setting up a new Android phone or tablet. It will ask you to choose a search provider within Chrome (if you're using Chrome as your browser). You can already opt to use a different search engine on Android if you prefer, but you have to proactively seek out the option from within the setting menu.

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The first decade of the 21st century introduced us to sweeping mobile and social revolutions largely driven by names like Jobs, Zuckerberg and Bezos. During those years, a new collection of faces have joined the earlier tech titans to continue moving us into the future. id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> This story is part of The 2010s: A Decade in Review, a series on the memes, people, products, movies and so much more that have influenced the 2010s. Here's CNET's list of the top technology innovators and all-around unavoidable personalities of the 2010s. In the second decade that's now closing, things got a little more… complicated.

Following an FBI investigation, Reyes Daniel Ruiz, 34, also admitted to hacking the iCloud, Facebook, Dropbox and Gmail accounts of his victims, primarily young female colleagues and friends.  Getty Images A former Yahoo software engineer has pleaded guilty to hacking 6,000 user accounts in a hunt for sexual images.

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