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consult an orthopedic

How do you use 'dislocated' in a sentence?
A dislocated shoulder or knee can be quite painful.

Is it dangerous to run a lot after you get your knee dislocated?
Yes, of course. If you mean much after it has healed, then it is not much more dangerous than if you had not dislocated your knee.

You dislocated your knee standing up doing nothing?
Yup happened to me, the doc said it was a dislocated knee but i am starting to doubt that from what i read. I also have a.c.l. and meniscus damage.

Do you think that I have dislocated my knee?
A dislocated knee occurs when the bones in the knee structure are out of place. Generally this can only happen after a major trauma such has a car accident, a fall or something that severely jars the leg. Your knee will look deformed, your leg will appear crooked and there will be numbness in your foot. When a dislocated knee relocates, there can be a lot of pain and swelling. It is advisable for you...

How do you treat a dislocated knee?
if the knee is still dislocated, straighten the leg out as slow as you can, usually this will relocate the knee cap, if it doesn't remain calm, call an ambulance, do not move this will result in grinding and damage to the bone, if the knee is already relocated then wrap your knee in an ace bandage the support the knee cap and prevent it from dislocation again, for dislocated knees the healing process is...

How do you dislocate your knee?
A knee can be dislocated as a result of a sudden impact and force directly on the knee. For example: a direct hit on the knee from a fall. It can be dislocated as a result of an awkward running position as well. Dislocations can also occur from medical problems associated with disease.

How do you relocate dislocated knee cap?
Use mallet to hit it back to its original place.

What is recurring dislocation of the Patella?
This means that the knee cap frequently becomes displaced or dislocated.

How do you fix a dislocated knee?
You go to the doctor, he drugs you up, then he pops it back in place.

Is just dance games good for a dislocated knee cap?
no it would make it worse

How long should a dislocated knee injury and a torn cruicate injury take to heal?
well my mom had one so it took her like2-3 month

Why was Kari Byron wearing a leg brace and on crutches on Mythbusters in 2008?
She slipped in ballistics gel, and dislocated her knee.

What is the most easily dislocated joint the the body?
The shoulder joint is the most commonly dislocated joint of the body. Other common joint dislocations of the body are: knee, elbow, wrist, finger, hip, and foot.

HoHow do you treat a dislocated knee?
Go have it X-rayed. They will take it from there. I have a friend who's pops in and out once in a while. You may need a knee replacement or repair. But it needs to be examined by a Dr.

Will an ankle joint dislocate again?
Often joints that have been dislocated are more prone to be dislocated again. but with a bit of care it should be fine.

Can a 9 year old peekapoo dog die from pateller luxation?
It is VERY unlikely, this condition is just a floating/dislocated knee cap.

What can cause sharp knee pain?
Sudden or acute knee pain is often caused by injury which can include torn or sprained cruciate ligaments, ruptured tendons, dislocated knees or kneecaps, injuries to the meniscus. Chronic knee pain may be due to bursitis or arthritis.

Dislocated dog leg?
A dislocated dog leg should be checked out by a veterinarian. The vet may be able to get it back into place manually, the leg will then be wrapped.

Does dislocated have a suffix?
The suffix of dislocated is -ed.

Can a knee strap or knee brace fix crooked knees?
I'm a teen and I've dislocated my knee twice. Usually, when your knee is crooked it's just where your patella sits. People with bad knees, their knees sit lower on the bone than normal. It's not actually 'fixable' unless it's swelling or broken. A knee strap and brace will help with support but not the actual physical look.

Is my hamster going to die it dislocated its shoulder?
A hamster with a dislocated shoulder is not going to die. He should be taken to the vet, who can pop the shoulder back into place and heal the hamster.

What rhymes with dislocated?
There are no perfect rhymes for the word dislocated.

What are the Main injuries of hockey?
The majority of injuries in hockey are legs. ancle sprains, broken legs, dislocated knee. You also see alot of concussions from hits or collisions

Did Niall Horan break his leg in October 2012?
I don't think he broke his leg, Niall said something about how his knee is killing him... so i'm guessing he dislocated it.

How do you spell dislocated?
That is the correct spelling of "dislocated" (out of position, as in an injury).

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