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The briefcase is usually divided into several major grid specially designated for papers, a calculator, cards, ballpoint pens, files, documents, letters and so on. Because of being mainly made of authentic leather and sometimes also ginning leather, briefcase is very solid. The different shapes of a briefcase are square, rectangular, flat square, oval, and phone shape etc and yellow is main color adopted to make it, when it comes to the carrying ways which include holding in the hand, carrying on back and catching in the armpit and so on.
Without a fixed bracket, retractable bag is soft and resilient. A variety styles of retractable bags are available which include strap bag, portable bag, and a bag used as both wallet and handbag which is suitable for young women with two or three camera pockets available to store money, keys and cosmetics.
Zipper backpack is most suitable for women who will participate in the meeting far away and work outdoor, however, it is hard for you to be used to it in the beginning since its straps will clip your hair easily and you will love it after several times use. In general, well-crafted handbags are shiny produced by high quality leather also you can adjust the length of their straps as you like. The better place to put your bag is between your waist and hip that is convenient too. The oversized bag straps should be right in length to allow your hand in and out of it freely. Some backpacks can turn to a satchel by taking away its straps and you can choose freely what kind of way to carry it. Wearing a shoulder backpack, young woman is more dynamic.
The brand of Killspencer comes from Los Angeles which is designed by designer named Spencer Nikosey who uses the remaining water-proof cloth in the army to create the bag and handbag loved by men. Therefore, we call it Killspencer restructuring bag and three kinds of bag from top to bottom are weekend travel bag, messenger bag and shoulder bag respectively. If you do not like military tarps, there is Killspencer history reservations series which is made of the old coating cotton canvas and there are two colors available including desert color-khaki and the Korean War era-olive green. Wacthing carefully on the desert color weekend travel bag in the history retain series, you know it is unique with the waterproof zipper, outer pockets, and a dog tag with a serial number.
The most popular fake Gucci bag is a denim bag with the pattern of double G LOGO. In fact, as long as there is a double G LOGO pattern either on the bag or wallet and that kind of bag or wallet will be reproduced. The weave pattern of the real Gucci double G LOGO is very neat for you to see two capital letters G clearly. For fake Gucci product, the double-G LOGO pattern is the capital letter C rather than G. Real Gucci products are all well-crafted, and it is very neat and clean from its pattern weaving to sewing line and inner layer.

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