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imageYes, sock monkeys can do the moonwalk!

Are sock monkeys evil?
i love sock monkeys, they are fun and adorable to me

What do sock monkeys eat?
Nothing. Sock monkeys are stuffed. They don't eat.

What are some names for GUY sock monkeys?
I think Max is a good name for a guy sock monkeys.

Information on the sock monkey?
sock monkeys have started selling in 1932

Do you have a sock monkey?
Many people do in fact own sock monkeys due to their growing popularity.

Are sock monkeys made of socks?
Sock Monkeys are not made of socks, they are crocheted. Actually, sock monkeys were first made from actual socks. The grey ones with the red heels and toes.They used to be homemade toys for poor kids. Kids liked them so much that they began to manufacture them on machines.

What year were sock monkeys made?
You can get one from SecretCat.com/secretcatnswers

Where can you get a sock monkey?
You can find quality handmade ones on etsy... Here is a Shop that has great original sock monkeys. website

What are the release dates for The Secret Lives of Sock Monkeys - 2004?
The Secret Lives of Sock Monkeys - 2004 was released on: USA: 13 November 2004 (San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival)

Who invented sock monkeys?
John Nelson, Sportbike of Rockford, Illinois, is credited with this invention. He invented the seamless sock knitting machine, as well as the red heel sock, and was granted a patent in 1955.

Are sock monkeys cool?
A sock monkey is a stuffed animal made of soft fabric with soft stuffing. A sock monkey is "cool" for a child under 8 years old, and it makes a good keepsake.

How big is the zoo area in a theme park?
5 monkeys and a sock big

How much money are sock monkeys from beach basket?
about 25 or 30 dollars some where in there

When were sock monkeys invented?
The sock monkey is a classic stuffed animal. They began popping up during the Great Depression. Nelson Knitting Mills acquired the patent in 1915.

How do you moonwalk on woozworld?
You type /moonwalk then walk around and you will be doing the moonwalk

Can sock monkeys do the moon walk?
Yes fellow citisins of the Earth... an average sock monkey can do the '"moon walk" created by the one and only Michael Jackson king of pop artist.

The world would end and we would have to live off monkeys socks and sock monkeys?
The world will end dumb but because Stewarts is possibly one of the best sodas ever.

What is woozworlds glitch?
for moonwalk you say : "/moonwalk"

How do you moonwalk in woozworld?
type /moonwalk.... by master1996

Is the moonwalk the same thing as the backslide?
Well, the "moonwalk" is the perfected backslide. "Backslide" was before "moonwalk" but Michael Jackson perfected the "backslide" which later on became the "moonwalk."

Who invented moonwalk?
Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk

Who made the moonwalk?
Michael Jackson invented the Moonwalk

What year did moonwalk come out?
Moonwalk was published in 1988.

Can Joe Jackson moonwalk?
No, Joe can not do the moonwalk or dance.

Who made the moonwalk popular?
MICHAEL JACKSON ! Michael Jackson made the moonwalk popular in the 1980's. EDIT: Michael Jackson made the moonwalk popular, but the moonwalk was founded before he started it. The credit of inventing the moonwalk should go to the kids in a school in Kolkata who were reported too be the first ones to do the moonwalk. This is where Michael Jackson got the inspiration to do the moonwalk.

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