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Sony WI-1000X are the best wireless noise cancelling earbuds you can get today.

Active noise-cancelling: Yes
Battery life: Up to 10 hours
Neckband-design: Yes
Connection: Wireless, Bluetooth 4.1

If you want the best wireless noise cancelling earbuds, these are your top choice.

Because of their premium neckband design, you will look good no matter where you go. They sit nicely around your neck and pack a solid 10-hour built-in battery (with ANC on). It’s plenty of power for small earphones but obviously can’t compare to over-ear headphones.

Nonetheless, these Sony buds are the closest thing to premium noise canceling earbuds you can get today.

The active noise cancellation can compare to the best in the category and has extra features like "ambient mode" and Sony’s Headphones Connect app for control over settings.

This makes them perfect for office use or work commute. Plus, they’re super portable for flying when space saved in the baggage counts.

Anyway, you can connect them to any Bluetooth device or use them as wired (with the added cable). Add full Google Assistant and Alexa support, and you can understand why these are considered the best wireless choice for many.

While the buds are ergonomically shaped, they aren’t as comfortable as alternatives (like Bose QC30). You might feel a bit of an itch after a couple hours. And, due to neckband, they aren’t suitable for sports (as they move around a lot).

The sound these Sony buds produce is excellent considering they are wireless and active noise cancelling. They support Bluetooth codecs like LDAC and aptX for best wireless sound quality.

You get a balanced sound signature but can play with the app to change the audio to your liking.

All in all, the Sony WI-1000X are the best wireless earbuds with noise cancelling you can get today with plenty of latest technology and features.

wireless alternative: Bose QuietControl 30

Bose is known for delivering great sound and best-in-class active noise canceling performance. While not as good as QC20, we think these are the best wireless noise cancelling earbuds right now.

  • Premium sound quality
  • Good ANC performance
  • Very comfortable
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

Pilot Aviation Headset - Wilco ANR with Bluetooth
  • Talkback microphone is low quality
  • ANC may be slightly lower than other Bose products
  • Build-quality issues

The QuietControl 30 wireless earbuds are very close to earning their place on top, but a few small features may not work for some. Read further for more details.

The Bose QuietControl 30 may not be the most advanced set of active noise cancelling headphones, but they certainly outperform many other ANC earbuds.

The noise cancelling circuit is housed in a lightweight neckband with dual microphones.

Bose’s Connect mobile app allows you to select various levels of noise cancellation so you can fine-tune the performance to your environment.

While the performance of the ANC technology is better than many other noise cancelling earbud brands, users of other Bose ANC products (like the QC35 or QC25 headphones) may feel that the cancellation isn’t quite as good.

To be fair, the QuietControl 30 uses a little bit different type of ANC technology than some of the other Bose products. It works rather well for its intended use.

Overall, lower frequencies are cancelled quite effectively. Some higher frequency noises and strong impulse sounds aren’t cancelled as well.

The noise cancelling mode can work without being connected to a Bluetooth device.

Everything from the packaging to the product construction is high quality (it only seems).

The neckband that houses the electronics is flexible but not flimsy.

Strain relief for the cables seems adequate for everyday use. Everything looks good the first time you take them in your hands but there are unusually many reports of bad build-quality.

It appears a lot of people experience some kind of durability issues after a couple of months. Durability is hard to determine after the first couple of weeks. So keep in mind you might have the same problems.

Other than that the biggest drawback and quality concern with the QuietControl 30 is the poor talkback built-in mic. This may be caused by some interference with the ANC circuitry.

If you plan to use these earbuds for talking on the phone, you might want to explore other options. Other than that, this is a good quality product that works for most people though its durability isn’t the best.

This is a category were Bose excels. The StayHear+ QC silicone eartips are extremely comfortable and great for long wearing sessions.

There are three different sizes of QC eartips included and they are easy to remove, clean and replace.

The lightweight neckband sits around the back and sides of the neck, is fairly comfortable and works for various wardrobe choices, hiding under a collar if needed.

You can certainly use the Bose QuietControl 30 earbuds for working out, but the neckband may slide around too much and be unsuitable for some activities.

Besides the wireless neckband receiver and attached earbuds, you’ll also receive a charging cable, three eartip sizes, and a nice zippered carrying pouch.

Bluetooth range is effective for 30-50’ and is pretty easy to pair with most devices.

There is no support for a wired audio connection, so that means you can’t use these airline earbuds to listen to the audio distributed on airplanes.

A 10-hour battery life can be achieved with less than a 3-hour charge, but the earbuds cannot be used while charging.

One really handy feature is the ability to connect the QuietControl 30 earbuds to the Bose Connect mobile app.

This app allows you to dial in the level of noise cancelling you want, as well as save any other custom audio presets for your device.

Bose delivers crystal clear audio with these earbuds. It isn’t too bass-heavy like some earbuds can be.

The noise cancelling circuit is quiet and doesn’t generate a lot of noticeable self-noise that cheaper ANC products tend to do.

Volume handling is respectable and doesn’t break up at higher levels. The frequency response sounds even and balanced across varied listening levels.

You won’t have to push these earbuds deep into your ear to get a good seal for great sound. The QC eartips hold the lightweight housing in place perfectly.

The Bose QuietControl 30 carries a premium price for a premium product. The ANC technology isn’t perfect, but the overall sound and quality still delivers good value.

If you’re tired of constantly replacing cheap Bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds that aren’t fun to listen to, an upgrade to the QuietControl 30 should be in your future.

wired alternative: B&O Beoplay E4

One of the best wired noise cancelling earbuds.

If you’re looking for high-quality in-ear earphones with noise-cancelling and great sound quality B & O Beoplay E4 are one of the best choices you can make. Though these cost more money than most and still don’t offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity, everything else is top notch.

The small ergonomic, aluminum earbuds offer a good and comfortable fit. Though they aren’t as comfortable as Bose and might be uncomfortable for people with shallow ear canals. The 4 sizes of silicone ear tips are combined with 1 pair of Comply foam ear tips which really improve the comfort. Just keep in mind foam tips needs more frequent replacement.

Active noise cancelation is comparable to Bose’s.

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