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For women to be a fashionista is nothing less than an achievement in life. Glorified look and flowy fashion always turn heads and https://recentstore.com/collections/fashion-magazine [have a peek at this web-site] as a fashion writer, I feel everyone has a unique fashion sense. With a little guidance, you are good to go. On the other hand, it is always challenging to maintain trends considering the pace at which they change. There is nothing to worry about, as I have completed my fashion home-work to bring you the best trends ruling the year.

Some of the trending designs are listed below.

Asymmetrical Escapades
Asymmetry is a design that is considered to be beautiful when it comes to fashion. With high and low hemlines, you can climb the trends of style. The asymmetrical design is a welcome change to stand out from the crowd.

Fluid And Flowy Indo-western Dresses
2019 is the year for women to encompass fluidity and silhouettes. The dresses are comfortable and chic, can be paired with trendy neckpieces and jewelry. If you are wondering how to keep yourself in style then, flowy dresses from the stores of women ethnic wear India will be ideal partners for your go-to-go look this season.

Bright and Lustrous Colours
Today's designers are experimenting with tones and metallic one seems to be their perfect partner. The shiny color and textures make a great combination for sophisticated ethnic couture. If you seriously want to look like a dream girl, then metallic finish with studded stones will be sheer elegance speaking for you.

Jacquard Designs
Royalty comes with Jacquard and it is no longer a surprise that the ethnic fashion industry has been highly glorified with the fabric. For those who want to stay loyal to traditions and yet make a regal fashion statement, Jacquard is all you have!

Coral Splash
Every year we see one color turning heads and this is the year of pastels and living coral. The two colors have rocked the summer season and both the colors fit the ethnic range of garments extremely well.

Flattering Florals
Floral patterns have a history of their own, but the designs are such good concepts that must find a place in your wardrobe. It might be a lehenga, skirt, palazzo sari, A-line Kurti, florals always offer a classy look.

Sheer & Ivory
Ivory garments have stirred the fashion industry and why not, it totally deserves to get all the hype. People are swooning over the combination, no doubt, ivory lehenga or kurta set will make you the star of any event. When you wear an ivory dress, elegance automatically seeps in, the color has an effortless dynamic aspect that suits all kinds of occasions.

Who doesn't like shimmery weaves and edgy look for all occasions? Fringe designs are ideal to make sure you look out of the box. It might be fancy blouse/choli or a long Anarkali, the designs will definitely make a style statement.

My observation leads me to choose these abovementioned styles and categorize them as classy and trendy ethnic designs making rounds in 2019. Wear the latest fashion trends and try to get a sneak peek of the leading designer clothing brands. Why roam around places when you can have the latest ethnic and indo-western designs all under one roof.

The author is a fashion enthusiast and nails every fashion show with her writing. This piece comes from her latest survey of Fashion Garment Manufacturers in India , after which she knew the trends that are dominant in these areas.

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