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If we ever the glorious American flag with ample keen interest in it, we notice how all the patterns, the beautiful stars and stripes, and the vibrant distinctive colours, the blue, white and red all are combined very nicely to give you the finest of the flags from around the world. When we gaze at our flag, a sense and spirt of pride and love flourishes in our body and runs through the spine, when we see the free flag dancing freely from the poll, we feel so happy and overwhelmed right? Did you know we can capture than feeling in us? And wear it casually. No, not the flag, it's illegal to wear a flag, but we can always steal its look. That's not illegal or dishonouring in any way.

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Now, the flag consists of three solid and beautiful colours red, blue and white. Where red represents the blood shed through the struggles of the country, blue represents the honour and justice for all that means equality too and white on the other hand represents, innocence and our people with free and lovable nature. The patters on our flag are very unique and rare stripes and stars which can be accommodated in our daily lives just to feel the liveliness of our country and to feel and be little more associated to it. Showing gestures for the love of our beloved homeland America, makes us feel more and more proud everyday on ourselves, on the soldiers, on the people who lost their lives and loved ones for our mother country. So why not indulge it more into our daily lives by stealing the flag look and wearing it?

Trends evolve over time, every era had its own beauty and fashion store online statement that we refer to now as 80s, classic or vintage fashion. Now let's dig into some history, after world war too when the country was in a state of post war, it was a dishonour or disrespect to the country if someone dresses extravagantly. When a place is at a state of war, a state of sorrow and upsets, a state when young blood is shedding every second, how can a person has the audacity to dress like this? So people evolved themselves, they started wearing more patriotic and more flag like apparel to show love, dignity and loyalty to their country.

Now that's a tricky one, as you guys know wearing the flag itself it a crime and you can put under heavy charges if you do so. It's one of the many rules made for the safety of the flags honour. So it's an alarming matter about how can we put patriotism, mainly the flag and our apparels together. Now as trends evolve designers and people started printing colours and patterns that are flag like to make clothing more interesting and unique. We can always use those beautiful solid colours and interesting patterns in our clothes. We can always accommodate it in our every day wear like wearing red top with white pants and a classy yet simple blue scarf. We have our basic colours and patterns, now it's our imagination to mix them all up and create something different to wear and rock this coming 4th of July.

Now there is a law to everything, a pattern to everything so we don't mess things up. Now mixing colours up can be a really hectic work, it can make you look decent or modest or literally like a joker, nothing in between. Well we are here for you to share that burden and make you feel a little less tensed. Down below are some basic tips and tricks that you can customise with colours but take the basic ideas of dressing from below.

Pants, tube tops and neck scarfs
Now this a very light and basic technique of dressing, tube tops are trendy and they give a very chilling look and you can always pull them off. You can either have an acceptation with scarf or jacket according to your mood.

Classic jeans tank top and shoes
Wide flyer jeans or high waisted jeans are never out of fashion they really pull out the shape of those beautiful long legs and give you hot look moreover indulging a shirt like tank top will make your outfit more appealing and shoes will balance and complete the look

Mini or long skirt with baggy shirt and wrist bands
Now this look is a mix of classic plus trend, you can also add a little paint on your face and a cute smart bandana on your head that will really pull off that peace out look, I will definitely go on for this look if I were you.

There are a thousand more ways and styles to get you going for any patriotic occasion, above these were somethings that we have suggested for you according to the ongoing trends and upcoming trends, you can always add whatever colours and patterns you want. Just remember that the look you pull off should be smart and beautiful and it should not reflect disrespect or dishonour in any possible way. If you dress accordingly and with the proper dressing code maybe you are the one making the next fashion statement, so get your creative minds to work but always remembering the given guidelines and limitations.

Hey, I'm a professional author, content strategist and a true patriot based in Colorado. My pen name is Albert and I'm associated with Eagle Six Gear which is known for Patriotic

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