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1 - Gamble is not a way of make money

Think of gamble as a leisure, tyhe only way of make money is with work, not with gamble, but you like to do it? yes i believe, me too, but still is to be made as leisure, like when you go out or when you go do any other hobby, where you have time to start and to stop. If you win, even better, but is only an extra.

2 - Never barrow money to gambling

Again, use the gamble as a leisure activity, if you wanted to have something that you really wanted because you like to do it in your hobby´s, will you barrow money for it? probably no. In gambling is not different... you don´t have money for it? don´t do it!! wait until you can do it, do not do bad to your life because of it.

3 - Never try to run after your losses

if you lose, just think that next time it will be better, otherwise, if you go after your losses, you will lose even more and damage your life.

4 - Set time and money limit to gamble

Basicly, everyone (or almost), set a time and money limit to do other leisure activities right? to gamble is not different, set up like a specific time and money to avoid losing more than what you should and to avoid damge your life, and, i repeat, if you win... even better, is an extra.

5 - Don´t gamble when you´re depressed

This one, i think its obvious, when we gamble, we like to win and if we win it is an excitement for most of us, but if you are gambling while you are depressed, you will lose the excitement that a good win can bring because of that depression., depressed? search someone you know you you can really trust and ask help to heal you 1st, after be fine, you will have lot of time to gamble, casinos will not runaway for sure.

6 - Do not mix gambling with Alcohol

For me, is also by obvious reasons, coz if you get drunked, you will lose the sense of what you are betting, and if you win you will not notice any big excitement, but if you lose, you will also not notice how much you lost, and all the builded life can stay broken because of it.

7 - Balance gamble with other activities

Here in this one, is also an advice, don´t spend big time of your life with only 1 activity, balance with other ones, life is too short to we lose it without really enjoy all the experiences that can we can do while we´re alive.

8 - Don´t gamble to solve your problems

When you are with some problem, gambling will not solve it, it will only put them even worst, because we´re with our minds in other "world", and kucasino we will not be 100% conscious of what we are doing to try solve the problem, and will lose more money and put the problems even more problematics!!. If the problem is related with finance, work more hours to win more money, ask help to family or friends, do a barrow at your bank, and use it to solve the problem, not to gamble!!. If is other kind of problem, search someone you can really trust to help you solve it.

9 - When you win, don´t put it back

When gambling, we can win some money in a short time, but in the long run, the casinos will always win, that their reason of exist, they are not mercy houses, they are companies that are looking to have winnings not losings !!, specially in online gamble, most of the casinos have a "pending time" before pay, in the expectation that players will gamble again and lose that money. So, while gambling, if you lose you had a bit of fun and entertainment, if you win, you had the fun, entertainment and the "extra", you won! so money is yours to keep and to can help you to try new things that you never tried or even already tried before, still wanted to repeat it. use the winnings or gambling with those purposes, not to put it back to the casino again.

Bruno Oscar Silva - Online Casinos Affiliate - Responsible Gambling Tips and other advice´s.

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