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sim dep onlineWhistleOut Has Picked an iPhone Dream Job Candidate!
The judges have spoken! We've closed our iPhone Dream Job contest and chosen one very deserving applicant to review the new iPhone 11 Pro. And that applicant is. . . Ian DeBoo!
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With 3,644 submissions and scores of great candidates, we had our work cut out for us in picking a winner. Ian dazzled us with very compelling written and video applications.
Ian is a student from Montana who's been using Apple products for most of his life. He never misses an Apple keynote, and is always up on each and every iPhone rumor. We can't wait to get Ian's thoughts on the new iPhone 11 Pro. Keep your eyes peeled for his review on WhistleOut in the coming weeks.
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About the iPhone 11 Dream Job Contest
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Our iPhone 11 Dream Job contest sought to find one capable reviewer to put the Apple's new handset through its paces and submit a detailed rundown of the experience. The winner received an iPhone 11 Pro to keep plus $1,000. For more information, check out our iPhone Dream Job Contest page.
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