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A drone is a male honey bee.

Is a drone a female animal?
NO! A Drone is a male Honeybee

What size is a drone honeybee?
3/4 inches.Hope this helped.Noah

What is a male honeybee called?
A male honey bee is referred to as a Drone

Are drone bee male or female?
drone bee is male because The word 'drone' comes from the Old English 'dran or draen' meaning 'male honeybee'

What is the protection of the American hover fly and the drone fly?
that the American hover fly it looks like the yellow jacket and the drone fly which looks a honeybee drone without waist line

What is the size of a drone honeybee?
Just slightly longer and wider than a worker bee.

What are the three kinds of honeybee?
Drone (male); queen (egg-laying female); workers (female).

What is the name of a male sting-less honeybee that doesn't make honey?
The male bee is called a drone -- and it doesn't have a sting.

What kind of symmetry is a honeybee?
Approximately a vertical plane of symmetry.

How much does a honeybee weigh at birth?
Honey bees emerge from their pupal cells fully grown. A worker weighs about 90mg, and a queen or drone weighs about 140mg. If you are referring to an egg, that probably weighs about 80µg.

What is the home of a honeybee called?
A honeybee lives in a hive.

What actors and actresses appeared in Drone - 2013?
The cast of Drone - 2013 includes: Ewen Bremner as Drone Operator Alex Corbet Burcher as Drone Operator Daniel Jewel as Drone Suspect Kari Kleiv as Drone Operator Akie Kotabe as Drone Operator Parker Sawyers as Drone Operator Alan Turkington as Drone Operator

How long does the honeybee live?
Thirty (30) days to five years is the length of time that the honeybee lives. Female worker and male drone bees sustain respective life cycles of 30 days to four months and of 40 to 50 days. Queen honeybees tend to experience life cycles and natural histories of two to five years.

What kind of bees sting?
all bees sting except drone bees. they do not sting.

What kind of weapon is a drone that was used in the gulf war?
There were 3 Golf Wars, which one?

What is a height of a honeybee?
The height of a honeybee is approximately 1 inch!

What is honeybee written in french?
a honeybee is 'une abeille' in French.

What is the plural form of honeybee?
The plural form for Honeybee is Honeybees.

When was Honeybee Robotics created?
Honeybee Robotics was created in 1983.

Do bees drone?
No, bees do not drone, however the male honey bee is called a 'Drone'.

What is the singular of drone?
The noun 'drone' is the singular form. The plural noun is 'drones'. The word 'drone' is also a verb: drone, drones, droning, droned.

CAN a honeybee sting more than once?
No. When a honeybee stings it dies.

What is the duration of Hutch the Honeybee?
The duration of Hutch the Honeybee is 1.68 hours.

What is it A definition for drone?
In military usage, a pilotless aircraft used for reconnaissance and, more recently, for launching aerial attacks. A drone is someone who follows an ideology or some other form of idealization blindlessly and uncritically. A male bee, https://recentstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/drone-x-pro (click through the next document) especially a honeybee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. Its only function is to mate with the queen bee.

Is honeybee a compound word?
Yes, honeybee is a compound word (honey and bee)

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