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Number One Global Killer Explanation and Solution Alarming symptoms - nobody knows what it is unless you will connect all facts together. Based on intensive research and field experience we are able not only explain what is behind symptoms. We are able to provide right solution and prevention tools. *** Our extremely weak geomagnetic shield has a very significant impact on our health by not being able to protect us effectively from cosmic radiation.

imageThis radiation penetrates our living space including our homes! Our body's defence system fights the EMFs thinking that they are intruders, like a virus or bacteria. This fight drains energy from us. So the combination of a weak geomagnetic shield and low energy leaves makes our body weak and unable to properly absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrition. • Our body is designed to thrive in a much stronger geomagnetic field. • 4000 years ago the geomagnetic field was 10x stronger as in the year 2000.

• Today it is 20x weaker than in the year 2000. • So in total it is 200x weaker than 4000 years ago (2000 BC). These factors affect everyone; no one is immune to this global concern. Look around you, Personal EMF Protection health problems are everywhere. Advanced technology, science and progress in medicine are not helping our weak nation. Statistics shows health problems increasing exponentially every year. Our weaker body makes us more vulnerable to viral and bacterial attacks.

Recovery is longer than we expect and not as effective. • Do you think that we are aging faster than we should? • Do you feel like you are constantly overworked and tired? • Do your children have behaviour problems? • Are your children sick often? Here is explanation - assuming that exposition to EMFs is in the background of your problems. • Your body try to defend you against EMFs passing through seeing in them enemy like viruses or bacteria.

• It is prioritizing task. • It drains a lot of energy from the body and fight with EMFs brings no results. • They passing through not stopped. • If you have energy like many people this will go without your attention. • Different situation is during resting time. • Restored energy is used for this hopeless fight instead of “charging batteries". • Morning tiredness is a result of the night fight.

• Fight with EMFs drains energy instead of preserve it during resting for next day activities Solution is described on pages listed below. Check them all. • "A must have – minimum – configuration” – very basic set of products for providing proper conditions for effective resting (Neutralizer) and improvement of the body functionality (Peace Ball). Neutralizer for EMF PROTECTION FROM BELOW surface of your home or apartment and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball • Best protection will be achieved with combination of Total EMF Home Protection and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball • If you know about location of cell tower, power transformer, smart meter, source of Wi-Fi or power line near your home you should use products described in first paragraph and Neutralizer from this section – “Side EMF Protection” (or Total EMF Home protection from emf providing protection from those mentioned above sources of EMF.

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