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Clear pillow boxes are not as the name might suggest pillows; they are in fact clear plastic bag type boxes that are used for displays. They can be used to display many items and then inflated. These boxes will generally be found in shop windows or in display cases. The types of items that you ca put in a pillow box includes; jewelry, small computer equipment such as hard drives, soft fabrics such as scarves and gloves or anything else of your choosing.

Travel Pillow and Eye Mask boxes are made from plastic, but it is a thin plastic so that it remains pliable whilst also being robust. Making plastic is a complicated manufacturing process which involves taking its main component, polymer and extracting it through a variety of process until a plastic sheet is created. These plastic sheets can then be made to be quite thick and hard, as seen with standard plastic boxes, or they can be made to be thinner, such as pillow boxes or bags. What makes them that little bit more special is that they are waterproof, so they will protect whatever you put in them from water damage.

There are many different sizes of these boxes that are available, depending on what you want to put inside them. The boxes are generally available in small, medium and large sizes. The only shape of these boxes that you can get is a tubular size, which has two straight edges running parallel to each other and two concave edges that also run parallel to each other. If pillow boxes were available in any other shape they wouldn't have their distinctive pillow shape and therefore wouldn't be pillow boxes.

A pillow box can only be found in one color and that is clear or transparent. You can alter the overall appearance of the boxes by changing what you put in them. By adding different colored fabrics or tissue paper you will add a touch of style to your box.

You could try looking on the high street for pillow boxes, though the easiest place to get them is probably the internet. By shopping online you will find the experience a lot easier and quicker. Internet shopping will give you added convenience as the boxes are delivered to you and you might find that they are cheaper to buy online.

Clear pillow boxes offer a great way to display a variety of items; they are like a modern day ship in a bottle, type of storage unit. If you have a business that needs to showcase delicate items, then these are the boxes for you.

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