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AS CHRISTMAS is near the threshold, a mere 20 days away, people across UK are engaged in setting up Christmas trees and other festive decorations. Though many nowadays compromise on authentic fir Christmas trees, there are very few who can make do without the nostalgic presence of wooden Christmas decorations.

The candles that had to be set on the Christmas tree have given way to LED lights and handmade streamers depicting angels may have given way to delicate, plastic ones. Yet the Christmas decorations remain incomplete without these little wooden pieces - like a nutcracker or a manger. These pieces bring back a sense of past Christmases, as many of these wooden pieces become heirlooms, apart from a sense of homely aesthetics.

Wooden Nutcrackers are as essential part of Wooden nutcracker 60cm Christmas decorations. One can find Nutcracker Clara and her prince designed in a beautiful array of configurations. While many now come through a mass assembly unit, the choicest few are those which are handcarved and hand painted. Nutcracker prince, princess Clara and the muse king nut cracker are just perfect Christmas wood decors to take a whiff of childhood before the Xbox, TiVo and Playstation.

Wooden mangers are also an ideal Christmas wood decoration, as the nativity scenes are a special way of remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. Several types of wood mangers are setup. Varieties of wooden mangers are available.

For instance, one can find mangers with a bed of hay and wood shavings giving an authentic look. Mother Mary, Figurines of Jesus, three wise men, Joseph, Shepherds and other visitors from the East are the characters places in wooden mangers and these make excellent decors to create the mood of ancient times in the present day. These decorations represent birth story of Jesus Christ, the golden moment after which mankind started on a new journey.

Wooden lampshades also make good Christmas decorative pieces.

Thus, Christmas wood decorations are the most ethnic decorations and nothing can match with its aestheticism. Wood decorations also are cost effective and can be easily bought to decorate houses during Christmas.

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