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NEW YORK (CBS) Fashion designer Vera Wang has expressed interest in filmmaking.

imageWang, who is widely known for her  bridal designs and ready-to-wear collections, said she would like to transport her love of storytelling in fashion shows to the silver screen.

PICTURES: 토토 돈 따는 법 Vera Wang on the Runwa

r>"I think in our fashion shows, we always try to tell a story, even though it's nine or 10 minutes, and to take it to another level with three  dimensions or four dimensions is kinda groovy," Wang said to The Hollywood Reporter while at the Museum of Contemporary Art's annual Gala event in Los Angeles Saturday.

r>"I love stories. I love stories about love, about anger, about emotion, about complexity," she added

r>Wang, who also revealed that she is getting ready to "maybe make an independent film," said she would incorporate fashion and style her own film.

r>"It might involve fashion, it's still visual," the 61-year-old said. "Probably if I make a film, I would use my own clothes.

r>If Wang does pursue the movie business, she will not be the first big fashion designer to make a mark in Hollywood.

r>Tom Ford, a former Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent creative director, who will soon debut a women's wear line under his eponymous luxury brand, made his directorial debut  with the 2008 indie film adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's novel, "A Single Man," which starred Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Matthew Goode.

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