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imageWith the Christmas season fast approaching everyone loves to have a beautiful wreath in their home.

There are a few ways to get that perfect wreath, one is to buy a fresh Christmas wreath from the pro's at Wilson Evergreens or if you are handy and have the ability to gather some products from Mother Nature, you can make your own!

Here are great and simple instructions for you and it can involve the whole family.

Fresh Christmas wreaths can be made very easily with a few in home and back yard supplies. A few of the basics are some sort of ring, which is usually made from metal; however you could use just about anything that makes a strong circle. Next you will need some thin wire to wrap the greens to your wreath. The greens or evergreen boughs can be from any type of evergreen tree, some examples could be fresh cedar, balsam or pine. Use clippers (pruning shears) and harvest 5-10 lbs, cutting the branches into approximately 6 inch pieces. Now just place a handful of greens and wire them around the wreath ring. Make sure you keep the wire tight and tie it off at the end. Get a bow from a store or Christmastree if you have ribbon use 6-8 loops on each side with two longer tails. Pine cones and berries added to the decoration will give it that extra touch. Hang the finished wreath on a wall or door and enjoy!

If you have questions on how to make a Christmas Wreath or would like to contact us for supplies please visit our website.

For those of you that are wanting more. We are setting up a brand new blog where we will blog answers that are frequently asked by our customers. Also in our blog we will be posting 'How To' articles and crafting ideas. So if you are interested give our blog a visit, you can find a link to it on our website at website

Wilson Evergreens is a locally owned business that has been making Christmas Wreaths and Christmas Garland for over 30 years! Come by our store at W2119USHwy 2 & 41Wilson, MI.

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