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Though the group was initially assembled during a TV show, the boy band broke tradition. There were no matching outfits, syncopated dance moves or crazy production, save for some fireworks and confetti. And while it performed folky ballads with the occasional road worn vocals, the quartet also tipped its hat to rock, along with and '80s leaning touches and plenty of catchy choruses.

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Baltimore Ravens Derrick Mason: The Ravens have always been a defensive team and the Ravens have never really had a dominant receiver. Mason had bounced around to other teams, but while on the Ravens he had four 1,000 yard seasons and was a steady and reliable receiver for the club for six seasons. Mason played a total of 14 seasons in the NFL, and in my opinion his best years were when he was a Raven..

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"I've always been a willing tackler," Jackson said, "even back to my rookie year. It's one of the things that I take pride in because not a lot of guys in the secondary around the league like to get dirty and tackle, so for me, I feel like throughout the game it can definitely turn some situations around. You might have a couple of guys come across the middle and may not like to get hit, so in those cases maybe we can get a deflection or something or maybe they may not want to catch the ball and we can get a pick or whatever the case may be.".

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