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imageAngel, Salton City's honorary mayor, says in the '70s the place was packed with tourists who came for the restaurants, water skiing and good fishing. Now, dead fish gently bob along the shore. Under the desert sun, the smell is overpowering. Thankfully, as a culture and by law, the United States continues to move toward increasing inclusivity in communal spaces. No one can deny you service because of your race, religion or national origin. (And in some places, sexual orientation, physical ability and age are also protected classes, while in the District, Seattle and a few other locales, it is illegal to refuse service based on a guest's political affiliation or views.) At the same time, if you're an unsavory individual of whatever persuasion or affiliation we have no legal or moral obligation to do business with you.

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You can forgive any area its Narcissus tendencies when it looks as beautiful as the Amalfi Coast. Italy's most fabled stretch of seafront is forever in love with its own reflection in the Gulf of Salerno. But then, it has much to admire: towns such as Positano, Ravello, Canada Goose online Scala and Amalfi itself; and Capri, canada goose outlet uk that gorgeous island, twinkling at the end of the Sorrentine canada goose store peninsula.

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