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image2B Placido Polanco - Polanco has been with the Tigers for the last three years now and has put up three completely different seasons, with his OPS ranging from .693 to .846. Realistically, he should post an OPS of around .760 for 2009 with 25-30 doubles and 8-10 home runs, which is certainly decent production out of second base. His career OPS+ is 99, so you know he's not going to hurt you offensively. Defensively, he has range that is slightly above average thanks to good quickness, and a capable arm that is fairly quick turning the double play as well. He can play third or short if necessarily, so his versatility is also valuable as well. He looks to be a solid contributor for the Tigers in 2009, though he isn't going to put up huge numbers for them.

LF Carlos Guillen - Guillen has played primarily SS and 3B for the Tigers, but moves to the outfield in 2009 as the infield has shifted around. Guillen's strengths offensively are his plate discipline and his gap power, as he has a career BB% of 9.9% and is typically good for around 35 doubles per season. He hits for good average and should put up a line of .290/.370/.460 in 2009, which is certainly good enough production from a corner outfield spot. It remains to be seen how he will adjust to playing in the outfield full-time, but he is athletic enough that he should have no trouble with it, as it is far easier to move to the outfield than vice versa. Look for his solid production to continue into 2009, where he will be an important part of the Tigers' lineup.

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Major league managers have to put a little more thought into their lineups. Each spot in the order, from 1 all the way down to 9 is important. You will never see a manager just "throw" somebody into a spot in the lineup. So, if you're a manager, what do you take into consideration when making a lineup?

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