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id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody"> If Olympic fever is upon you, then pay close attention. Samsung is selling its splashily colorful, Games-inspired phone starting July 18 for a sum we still don't know. It's a bummer not to have a price yet to pair with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition, as it's laboriously known, but at least we've now had a chance to see the phone in the flesh.

Formal Coach (Left 4 Dead 2 \u0026gt; Skins \u0026gt; Survivors \u0026gt; Coach) - GAMEBANANAA variation on the Galaxy S7 Edge, this special-edition handset just happens to be the same one Samsung (as an official Olympics partner) is giving to all 12,500 or so athletes. But the company is whipping up excitement by also making Left 4 Dead 2,000 of these handsets available in select countries, like the US, Brazil, Germany and South Korea.

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